Pastor Kiwedde Sent Back To Jail

Pastor William Muwanguzi 'Kiwedde' in the dock after his foiled attempt at prison break.


Pastor William Muwanguzi will reappear in court on Thursday this week for further hearing of the two cases he is charged with.

Pastor William Muwanguzi 'Kiwedde' in the dock after his foiled attempt at prison break.
Pastor William Muwanguzi ‘Kiwedde’ in the dock after his foiled attempt at prison break.

Muwanguzi appeared in Kalisizo Magistrates Court for hearing of two cases of impersonation and attempted escape from prison on Tuesday.

Prosecution led by Miriam Akite produced two witnesses for the case of attempted escape and causing malicious damage. Three witnesses appeared to testify against Muwanguzi for the case of impersonation.

On attempted escape from prison and malicious damage on government property, Muwanguzi is accused as Lwazi Paul alias Mwamba.

In this case, prosecution brought Robert Ssemata, a prison warder attached to Kalisizo Government Prison and Wahab Ssemanda, a detective attached to Kalisizo police station as witnesses in the case.

In the case of impersonation, Muwanguzi is jointly accused with Julius Mukasa. In this case, prosecution produced at least three witnesses including Fr. Francis Muwanga, Fr. Joseph Tamale and Sandra Namuganyi.

All the present witnesses testified in the two cases but prosecution asked for adjournment until  November 28 to produce more witnesses in each case.

As a result, Susan Awidi, the Kalisizo Court Grade I Magistrate adjourned the two cases for further hearing on Thursday.

Muwanguzi has pleaded not guilty to all charges and any accusations.

In the attempted escape case, he told court he volunteered to save inmates who were being subjected to brutal punishment for failing to reveal who had attempted escape.

But Mukasa, who is Muwanguzi’s co-accused admitted to the testimony given by all witnesses in the impersonation case.

Muwanguzi’s appeal to apply for bail came few minutes late after the adjournment but Awidi, the presiding magistrate advised him to do so on Thursday.

According to the charge sheet, it’s alleged that on November 11, 2013, Muwanguzi while in Kalisizo prison attempted to escape from the facility after digging a hole in the ward 3 where he was staying but was arrested by the prison warders and taken to police to record a statement.

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