BACK OFF! Pastor Lubega warns Ssenyonga over Late Pastor Yiga

Jinja'sPastor Samuel Lubega has warned Pr. Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church off Pastor Yiga Abizayo

Jinja’s Pastor Samuel Lubega has warned Pr. Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church off Pastor Yiga Abizayo

Jinja – Jinja’s famous Pastor Samuel Lubega has asked his Kampala counterpart Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church in the city suburbs of Bwaise to back off the deceased Pastor Augustine Yiga’s matters.

Addressing Media at Njuumuwe Restaurant in Jinja City on Wednesday morning, the Njeru based Christian Mission Church lead Pastor Lubega castigated Ssenyonga for meddling into the deceased’s affairs beyond his mandate.

Displeased Pr. Lubega advised embattled Ssenyonga to read Luke 6:37 that says “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven’’.

‘’Jesus tells us to look at our own sin before judging someone else. The Bible tells us we are to confront others’ sins with truth and love with respect. This is the time Deceased Pastor Yiga’s family needs our consolation and prayers. However, Ssenyonga’s utterances further dip the family into wretchedness’’, said Lubega.

Ssenyonga told the Media Tuesday that Yiga Revival Church in Kawaala left very many children and several widows, some widows are known and some are not. Pastor Ssenyonga also accused Pastor Yiga the proprietor of ABS TV of infecting some of his followers with HIV/Aids through sexual intercourse.

“It’s on record that Mr. Yiga had HIV. We have evidence from health facilities and the test was done under the law,” Ssenyonga told reporters at his home.

The two pastors have never seen eye to eye and have been known for verbal artilleries which at one time reached into a court suit. Ssenyonga accused Yiga of using his Television (ABS) to brand him a thief, land grabber, child molester, rapist, criminal and extortionist, hypocrite, and devil worshiper, which Ssenyonga then dismissed as false.

Lubega says given the background of the two, Ssenyonga should have refrained from commenting about the deceased’s private life citing bias in his utterance.

‘’There are some miracles and prophecies that are faked by selfish pastors who want to attract believers to their churches for commercial reasons and some are battling cases .How do you condemn others when you’re also questioned?’’, asked Lubega.

Lubega also wondered why Ssenyonga committed himself to helping the deceased’s widows and children other than aiding the deceased before his last breath.

‘’His condolences were full of mockery and to us who understand the body of Christ it’s unfortunate that such pastors are opportunities to inflict pain on others especially to the deceased’s family’’, added Lubega.

In the same Development, Lubega asked the Government to maintain the number of 70 believers it allowed as a lift to the lockdown on worship centers.

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