Pastor Namutebi Breaks Silence On Sex Scandal

Pastor Imelda Namutebi


Liberty Worship Centre, Pastor Imelda Kula Namutebi has spoken out about the sex scandal that has rocked one of her affiliate churches disassociating herself from the perverted pastor and his church.

Pastor Imelda Namutebi
Pastor Imelda Namutebi

A sex tape involving a senior top pastor, Jonathan Makumbi at Imelda Namutebi’s church and a woman having a steamy romp leaked on Thursday.

However, Pastor Namutebi yesterday revealed that Makumbi left her organization after leaders discovered his sex escapades.

“He left our church after we learnt that he was indulging in explicit sex with several women,” Namutebi revealed yesterday.

Namutebi also revealed that it was after she sent him packing that he created the Mityana based church, Mityana Miracle centre.


Pastor Johnston Makumbi of Mityana miracle center was filmed descending on one of his flock, a sexy and bummy woman, who has been identified as Juliet and indulging in an extramarital affair in the latter’s rented house.

Mityana miracle center is said to be affiliated to Pastor Kayanja’s and Namutebi’s miracle church center ministry although Namutebi has since denied being associated with him.

It has emerged that Pastor Makumbi’s wife divorced him recently and fled to USA where she is living a luxurious life.

Recordings have now emerged of Pastor Namutebi soliciting for money to stop the scandal.

In one of the recordings, Namutebi is heard telling a fellow pastor that she had received Shs16m to stop the scandal from going into the media.

She said the pastor had confirmed that he is the one in the video and that she was looking for the money to ensure that her church is not hit by the scandal.

Rather than being a pastor, Makumbi was one of the security enforcers at pastor Imelda Namutebi’s church where he was actually groomed from.

Even when President Yoweri Museveni recently visited the place, Makumbi was one of the organizers of the function. Namutebi is said to have mentored Makumbi.

The pastor who spends most of his time in the U.S prefers sleeping at his Mityana home when he is in the country.

Our impeccable sources have revealed that most of the times Makumbi picks this babe and the two lovebirds head straight to Hotel Triangle in Kampala where they enjoy a sex marathon.

In the leaked amateurish sex tape that this paper has seen, the man of God hops into a rented house where his half naked woman is waiting to be ‘slaughtered’.

The seemingly sex starved Makumbi immediately removes his shirt and heads straight to bed as he awaits to be served ‘manna and quail’.

Makumbi’s sex marathon is however interfered by a phone call that leaves his already aroused gal roaming in the room like a dog that has been beaten by a wasp.

As soon as he dropped his phone, his trousers fell on the floor and he dived on the helpless gal like a starved hyena.

Amazingly, the pastor gave the babe a carpet bonking.  He bonked the woman for more than 30 minutes, leaving the babe panting.

In one of the other clip, Makumbi, much as he is a pastor, is too scared of sexually transmitted diseases.

Makumbi on  the pulpit performing a fake miracle
Makumbi on the pulpit performing a fake miracle


He seen is the video putting on a condom as the woman begs to be eaten live.

After eating the woman, Makumbi rushed to his church’s official page and posted “Mityana miracle center sunday service God was at work, great words from BP Musisi Steven and RIOT conference with pastor Bruce, we also thank God for the family of church Elder Mr.Mubiru Ronald, who made 50 years and to the family, he’s life has just begun, not forgetting the man of the house BISHOP JOHNSTONE MAKUMBI We love you may God keep on Blessing you.”


Imelda Namutebi Kula is the senior pastor of Liberty Worship Centre, Lugala.

The church recently moved from its wooden structure to a beautiful, Shs 7bn, 15,000-seater cathedral that was commissioned by President Museveni.

The church built by her congregation sits on 17 acres

Namutebi was born to Wayita and Rosemary Nakakawa (both deceased) in Busujju Mawanda – Butambala. Namutebi grew up with her grandfather, Hajji Bumbakali Male Muwanga.

When her only sister died mysteriously, Namutebi who was by then 10 fell sick and dropped out of school in P.5. She is said to have been spiritually possessed.

In late 1986, Namutebi who was a Muslim was introduced to pastor Kayanja by a colleague where she received the spiritual healing.

She joined Kayanja at his Lubaga miracle center. It is said that Namutebi even worked as Kayanja’s home as a house girl before she left to start Kansanga Miracle Centre with Pastor Isaac Kyobe Kiwewesi.

Five years later, she moved on to start Liberty Worship Centre in 1998.

Liberty started at Mumbejja Muggale’s home in Mengo and after five years, the church acquired land in Lugala and moved there on August 24, 2003.

Today, the cathedral is one of the most powerful churches with extended health and recreational facilities.

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