Pastor Thumped For Having Affair With Member’s Wife

A Zimbabwean pastor beaten to close to death for having affair with member's wife.

A Zimbabwean pastor beaten to close to death for having affair with member's wife.
A Zimbabwean pastor beaten to close to death for having affair with member’s wife.

A BULAWAYO pentecostal preacher Pastor Nyathi of Healing Ministries in Zimbabwe has been beaten to within an inch of death by a member of his congregation after he was caught having an affair with the parishioners’ wife.

Detained for two days and repeatedly beaten by church member Isaac Dube, Pastor Nyathi is currently in a private hospital where is he is battling against death.  Mr Dube discovered the affair after picking up his wife’s phone and noticing that she and the preacher had been exchanging amorous messages.

One family source said: “Mr Dube picked up a phone in his car and at first he assumed that one of the people he had given a lift could have dropped it but got the shock of his life when he read messages. When he read the messages, he discovered one where there was his wife’s name and they were all love messages.”

Following the discovery, Mr Dube hatched a plan to track down his rival which he did with the assistance of a female friend who pretended to be his wife. He then managed to catch the mischievous pastor and interrogated him until he confessed.

“He then took the pastor to his house where he forced him to tell his wife about the illicit affair. When the pastor had confessed before his wife, he ordered him to say his last words to the woman as he was seeing her for the last time.

“They then left for Mr Dube’s home where the pastor was locked up for two days and was given a thorough beating. “They left the man at his home and his family ferried him to a private doctor where he is being treated,” the source added.

When the woman at the centre of controversy realised that her husband was not showing any mercy towards Pastor Nyathi, she alerted a neighbour who assisted her to take the pastor to his home in the middle of the night. He was then taken to a private doctor for treatment and it is not yet clear if he will survive or not.

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  1. Pastors, pastors,why do you go around misleading god’s flock?? Am worried this is exactly what majority of Ugandan pastors are doing!! Mr. President………..mpozzi your daughter also has a Church!!!

  2. The wages of sin is death, if he dies at least he would have reaped his seeds.

  3. But some people better learn to share with others; for goodness sake, that is a man of God, he preaches the word of God for free to the flocks including your wife; if he shared a little bit of that and not taking the woman for good why do you beat him up so senselessly?? Don’t you have faith at all?!!


  5. The man would have thought twice before beating up Pastor mercilessly because the so called wife is not an angel either.These are two adults who agreed to have an affair,she was not forced into it,if she was not interested she had all the rights to turn down Pastor’s requests or advances whatever you may call them.She is just a rotten woman without morals at all,she must have been sleeping around even before pastor came in the picture.The husband to this woman is not safe at all as they say a leopad will always be a leopad with all its spots.It not yet over!

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