Pemba Replaces Desire with ‘Soupier’ Babe

Jack Pemba made a name in Kampala for his luxurious and hooking up city’s soupiest babes including Desire Luzinda.

Pemba arriving with his new bonkmate

However, his choice of curvaceous and juice-dripping ladies seems not to have any limits since he unveiled a brand new, luscious light-skinned babe.

This was at the Uganda Entertainment awards held Friday night at Speke Resort ballroom in Munyonyo, where they turned up hand in hand.

Though it’s not clear why Pemba and Desire parted ways, sources allege that he bum-shafted her which left her booty shattered, calling for medical attention.

While at the awards, Pemba and his new catch were all over each other until a certain babe started getting touchy with the big spender, irking the wife.

She fled the ballroom, when she realized that her territory was slowly being invaded.

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