Pentecostal Pastor Asks Gov’t to Extend Night curfew

The Christian Mission Church lead Pastor, Samuel Lubega has asked the Government to adjust the night time curfew time which currently starts at 7:00 pm to ensure that Ugandans are not caught on the wrong side of the law.

The night time curfew has been running since last year, as part of the partial lock down to contain the spread of corona-virus disease all over the country.

However, following the outcry by Ugandans over the continued enforcement of curfew by security forces, Pr.Lubega argues that curfew time should be revised by the government by allow citizens enjoy various rights.

‘’ Curfew is no longer relevant since the COVID-19 vaccination commenced last month. In some areas curfew is being used to violate rights of Ugandans, restrain poor citizens who are coming from work and extort money from them’’, said Lubega.

Lubega adds that the curfew time needs to be extended from 7pm and start at 10pm to 4pm since it is being misused by the security against the poor business operators who strive to make the ends meet.

“Barricades are mounted everywhere, even before 9 pm. The curfew time is doing more harm to our people than good. The President should actually suspend it or extend the curfew time’’, added Lubega.

Last month, the private sector petitioned the government on the curfew and the cabinet tasked the national task force on COVID-19 to review the standard operating procedure on including the curfew.

‘’Why does security contain people’s movement using cruel means as it touches on the human rights of Ugandans?’’, asked Lubega.

Lubega adds that it is time to remove the curfew and allow Ugandans to recover from the economic hardships brought about by the lock down.

“Decisions should be based on science and data and they adjust as the virus adjusts. The infection rate and hospitalizations have continued to significantly decline. If infections are down and vaccinations up, we have no reason to curtail Ugandans.”

Since last year, a section of Members of Parliament have asked the government to adjust the curfew to allow the public to continue with their normal life, citing irregularities in enforcing the same.


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