PHOTOS: Makerere Students Strike in a witchcraft style


After days of relentless strikes without a positive response, Makerere University students pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Ethics and Human Rights, demonstrated in a witchcraft style.


Armed with calabashes, small pot and dressed like witch doctors, students sat near the university main building and started chanting slogans demanding reinstatement of their programme.


The artistic demonstration attracted the interest of the police.

Students told the police that had come to persuade to stop wasting time since they are not ready to give up.

The strikes started on Friday last week.


Yesterday the barefooted students demonstrated to show their anger towards university’s decision to scrap off their course.

The students were led by Henry Lubega, a former Guild President contestant.


The university management is reviewing progrmames offered at Makerere and Bachelor of Ethics and Human Rights is among those to be scrapped off.


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