PHOTOS: Pygmies Take Over Mukono Nightlife


It’s the bash of the long, long ago century, and the Pygmies were partying like its 199,999,999 B.C.



So, Mukono party animals grabbed their invites and headed to satellite beach to experience Owolubina album launch by the Amarura family.


Filled with lights, music and over flowing alcohol, the Dance floor was the place to go after a hard day’s work.


That’s all well and good, but what kind of mediocre Pygmy party would it be without some crazy interaction, right? Take one of the tall yummy babes and parade her to a Pygmy.


It’s a scene complete with the brief freakout; I was funny how the pygmies pulled rare strokes that left the revealers in shock.


To finish the night off, Amarura boss Amooti Omubalanguze joined the Pygmies on stage and the crowds went crazy as he unleashed his Owolubina song.


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