Pictures: Black Widow wins Busika training race


1-Black Widow

2- Duncan Mubiru

3- Allan Gayi

All photos by John Batanude


Geoffrey   Kiyaga   aka   Black Widow showed that he is ready to take on take on the Big Guns in the pearl of Africa rally.

Black Widow in a Subaru Impreza N6 beat the rest of the drivers in a Coca Cola sponsored Driver’s Practice race which took place at the Uganda   Motorsports Arena in Busika.


The practice attracted Moto cross riders including Former champion ARTHUR Blick Junior where part of the riders who graced the event.


According to organizers the aim of the Fan race was to test the track after being renovated to the standards.


Black Widow said after the race that it was a nice outing the track was nice it has challenges.  It’s a mixer their some sections which are first with Bends, Jumps which test a driver I impressed by the people who designed the Route.


15 Driver Graced the raced the race including Duncan Mubiru Nasser Mutebi, Patrick Mugisha, Allan Gayi among others




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