Pioneer Bus service workers stage protest,transport paralyzed

pioneer easy buses

Workers who constitute 200 drivers and conductors are demanding for two-monthly salary arrears.

Red Pepper Online witnessed hundreds of them staging a sit down strike at the Pioneer Easy Bus bay at Namboole Stadium.

One of the drivers who preferred anonymity tells us that there have been delays in salary payments and that one of the directors acted arrogantly in the way he has been responding to their issues. He did not tell us who this director is for fear of retribution.

“The way he handles us is really unprofessional. When we complained about our delayed salaries he instead pay and then fire us if we continue striking. We are sitting down till our issue is resolved,” he threatened.

The strike paralyzed the Bweyogerere route and this forced officials form the company to eventually relent and pay the drivers some of their arrears before they resumed work around midday.

Insider sources say, some of the workers have gone on without pay for nearly three months.

Following closed door meetings at the company, Red Pepper Online has been told the issue has since been resolved.

Pioneer Easy Bus won the contract to run some of the routes in and out of the city and had been credited for improving public transport especially for the urban poor.

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  1. please madam musisi help the drivers and conductors get their pay so they our journeys are not affected b’se these buses help the biggest numbers of people who travel in and around kampala.

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