Wonders never end! Pirra Sematimba effortless in Indian accent

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By Jolly Gwari

Busiro South Member of parliament, Peter Sematimba alias Sematimba proves his Indian accent at NBS Uncut-NBS Updates. Ironically, Piira’s sense of humour was portrayed when he was asked about his unusual English accent which gave him a platform to show off the Indian part of him.

Notably, without relaxing, the cleanest MP pays tribute to self for being smart at school and reveal how teachers were firm while teaching him.


“Accent and understanding are totally different, many people have ‘Kyanamukaaka’s accent but very intelligent and find one with American accent blunt, so they did not get any hard teaching me regardless of my accent” he recited.

The light-skinned Member of Parliament further unwrapped his other flairs by verbalizing the above quotation in the Indian accent.

Peter Sematimba is well-known for his American accent, uncertain light smooth skin, and perm hair. The Busiro South legislator known for self-love, he was once seen applying perfume in the glare of parliament cameras.

MP Peter Sematimba was making up during a plenary session at the parliament of Uganda a few months back. He was captured moisturizing his lips with salve/ lip balm in Parliament. He was also viewed cutting his nails with a nail cutter that he pulled from his toilet bag during an ongoing session.

Besides, Peter ‘Piira’ Sematimba even carries his handbag just like women do contain his beauty accessories.

Remarkably, MP Sematimba contested for the Member of Parliament seat in 2016 general elections, went back to school and was seen sitting for his exams last year. He said he returned to school because people, especially political opponents, found it hard to understand his American academic documents.

Peter Sematimba scored credit six in General Paper, a D in Christian Religious Education (CRE), a D in Literature in English, a B in Art and credit four in Computer Studies, totalling to 13 points out of 20.

Hon. Sematimba lost his parliament seat in 2016 after Democratic Party candidate Stephen Sekigozi dragged him to court over academic papers. He, however, appealed the ruling and in 2017, the court of appeal upheld his election, saying there was nothing wrong with his academic papers. As the minimum qualification for an MP is an A’level certificate.

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