POISON TERROR! Gen Tumwine Masks Mic, commits life to God

Poison scared Gen Tumwine had to cover even the Mic

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Poison scared Gen Tumwine had to cover even the Mic

Recently we revealed how Pigs hell bent on destabilizing Uganda are ready to use all kinds of arsenal at their disposal including guns, Bijambiya and bombs, but not limited to poison. We also revealed that one of the patriotic Ugandans who almost came face to face with death by poison is former security minister Gen Elly Tumwine.

Because Gen Tumwine was highly guarded and inaccessible, the pigs were reportedly to administer this poison through a public microphone.

ISO learnt about this plot and Gen Tumwine was told to start moving with his own microphone. Indeed Gen Tumwiine has taken this advice to the dot to an extent that even when he had a private function on Monday 1st November, he decided to cover the mic with a handkerchief for both security reasons and as well to deny Covid any chance of attacking him.

Gen Tumwine’s art-life journey book

Gen was commemorating 40 years since he came face to face with death in the early days of the National Resistance Army war which propelled the current NRM government to power. On November 1, 1981, shortly after the successful raid on Kabamba Military Barracks, Tumwiine was shot in the face during a battle with government forces at Bukomero.

He lost his right eye and had to be hospitalized secretly at Mengo and Mulago Hospitals in Kampala. Speaking to commemorate 40 years after the incident, Gen Tumwiine said he was grateful to God not just for saving his life but his sight.

“When I emerged from surgery the doctors told me I was very lucky because eyes are usually sympathetic to each other in that such an injury to one eye could have left the other blinded as well,” he said. “I call this (November 1) my day, because it’s a day I recognize God’s hand and his mighty providence to say that ‘I still want you here.’ My survival was proof that I still have some work to do here.” As such, the Gen said he had decided to commit his life in retirement to serving God.

Some of the invited guests

“As the Bible says, if we were thankful enough to God, we would accept the cup of his salvation. I am here, and I am promising that the greatest job that I am left with is to preach the gospel,” Tumwiine told a handful of family members and friends who attended the celebration.

The event was graced among others by Former Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, Minister Mary Karooro Okurut and Businessman Elly Karuhanga who attended virtually. Speaking at the event, Dr Rugunda praised Gen Tumwiine for being an “exemplary person, a family man and for raising a broad family that includes not just his biological children but also ideological children, compatriots and friends.” Rugunda also hailed Tumwiine for contributing immensely to art and publications. Gen Tumwiine is a trained fine artist who has taught the subject in different schools.

Gen Tumwine introduces some of his family members at the function

He is credited among others for designing the flag, the emblem and the green and camouflage uniforms of the NRM when he was still its commander. Meanwhile, Gen Tumwiine’s son Daudi Tumwiine said that his family was thankful to God for sparing their father’s life.

“It is not a given that we still have our father today. If he had died that day, perhaps half of us wouldn’t be here. We are a testimony to that miracle,” he said. At the event, General Tumwiine also launched a new book titled “Liberated: My Art Life” which chronicles his early life and works in art.


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