Police Chopper Destroys M7 Voter’s House

Police Chopper Destroys M7 Voter’s House

By Winnie Mandela

Mutungo: One of President Yoweri Museveni’s voters is living in a pigsty-like structure after a Uganda Police Chopper destroyed her house on Tuesday this week.

Annet Nampijja 35, a businesswoman and resident of Mutngo, the sole breadwinner  for her 14 children, is homeless after a UPF helicopter registration SX-MAO flew so close to her house that it blew off the roof and upper part, leading to the destruction of several of her household property.

Nampijja said that “I am not happy with what the inexperienced and reckless police pilot has caused me and my family. I now have to sleep with my children and husband in a single room house. For the following days we may not have where to stay because even the room I sleep in is not mine and the owner has told us to vacate it, yet the police have refused to come to our rescue or respond to our cries.”


She added that “Where do they want I and my family to go? I feel like a stranger in my own country yet I voted for president Museveni. I want them to reconstruct my house within three days so that I and my family return to living a normal life.”

Nampijja claims that during the incident, she lost household property like chairs, clothes, beddings, money for her business and others which she wants the police to compensate.

Although police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi has promised them compensation, Nampijja says she is not convinced and only prays that everything they lost in the process is replaced. She also wants her two children who sustained injuries to be treated by police.



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