Police Deploys In Kabale Ahead Of 4GC Rally

Police has been heavily deployed throughout Kabale town ahead of a For God and My Country (4GC) rally. The rally will also coincide with a court appearance by the Kawempe Mayor Mubarak Munyagwa and Ingid Turinawe due Today.

Munyagwa (R) was Friday remanded to Ndorwa Govt prison. He is expected in Court today
Munyagwa (R) was Friday remanded to Ndorwa Govt prison. He is expected in Court today

Munyagwa was remanded to Ndorwa Government prison on Friday by grade II Magistrate Charles Khadhis on charges of inciting violence.

Anti Riot Police has taken position on different streets of Kabale town after the arrival of several Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leaders.

Among the FDC leaders in Kabale are Ingrid Turinawe FDC women’s league leader,  Roland Mugume Kaginda the Rukungiri Municipality Member of Parliament , Jack Sabit the Rukiga county MP, Charles Makulu the Rukungiri Municipality Mayor among others.

Munyagwa is expected to appear in court alongside Kampala Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago and Ingrid Turinawe who are said to have been issued with criminal sermons.

The trio is accused of inciting violence while speaking at an FDC rally held at Kabale Municipal main stadium on the 14th of July 2012.

The rally ended with police breaking up a march by FDC supporters marching Kabale-Kisoro road through Kabale Garage Street.

They also face charges of injuring four police officers and also damaging of three police cars.

According to police the 4GC activists are planning a procession through the streets of Kabale town. Police say they have not sought clearance with them for the procession.

Kigezi regional police spokesperson Elly Maate says that the 4GC activists are planning to disrupt the trial of Kawempe Lord Mayor Mubarak Munyagwa to be held at Kabale chief Magistrates court at Makanga hill.

Maate says that the police are already aware that the 4GC activists have already started mobilizing a procession through the streets of Kabale town and have been trying to convince the residents of Kabale town to be violent.

Olivia Rosemary Wawile says that police has learnt that a group of opposition activists led by Zac Mugumira,Kato Amon, Ruhimbazi Sam, Sura Kikomeko, Gilbert Iga among others are planning to cause chaos in Kabale town. Police is determined to prevent this.

But Kabale district FDC Secretary General Sentaro Byamugisha rubbishes police claims. He instead police is trying to justify fatter security allowances for themselves by creating a crisis in the town.

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