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IGP Kayihura

THE POLICE have been named as the most corrupt government institution in a nationwide research that was made public yesterday. This is contained in the Annual Corruption report released by the Inspectorate of Government in collaboration with the Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC) of Makerere University.

In her report titled ‘THE THIRD ANNUAL REPORT ON TRACKING CORRUPTION TRENDS IN UGANDA’ that was launched by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya at African Hotel in Kampala, the police retained its top position. The report indicates that bribery prevalence within the force reduced from 57.4% to 48% in a space of a year.

While accusing its officials of gross corruption, the judiciary followed suit with its bribery prevalence reducing from 49.4% in 2011 to 24.8% in 2012. The other institutions also mentioned are the medical services and education institutions. Speaking at the launch IGG Irene Mulyagonja noted the country was still behind in good governance and accountability

When contacted for comment, in her damage control Police mouthpiece, Judith Nabakooba rubbished Mulyagonja’s report saying it was not conclusive and binding. “The IGG is not on ground. The researchers are not serious people. The findings are a total bias,” said Nabakooba.

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15 thoughts on “Police Named Most Corrupt

  1. Nabakooba,its you not on ground. There is no bias at all. You cops are corrupt and i dont even believe the statistics that say that the rates have gone down. You are the best at it and i think you are proud of yourselves taking the top position.

  2. ‘the findings are a total bias.’ What if they had said that FDC and Besigye are the most corrupt. What would Nabakooba say?

  3. The report is rubbish and does not reflect the “intelligence” of the authors. The report seems to be more concerned about the number of people involved rather than the amount stolen which is ridiculous. If one person in the Prime minister’s office steals 15b shillings and 1000 police “eat” 15m shillings would the Police still be more corrupt than the thief?

  4. Judith,u know very well de rot in police so spare us de third degree.can judith name one DPC,OCs(traffic,cid.crime,etc)whose wealth and expenditure is propotional 2 their salaries.de graft in police is infact seen as a legal practice by them(police) how else do u explain de sellout of police bonds, files disappearances,half baked investigations etc. de IGGs report is correct but de % age is very low.

  5. it c’d be true that the police is the most corrupt. But I also consider the current IGG as the most inactive, ineefective, inefficient, incompetent lot of people. In fact they serve the true purpose of protecting the corrupt instead of prosecuting them I think BAKU was better off an IGG than the current one

    1. the position of IGG is basically a constitutional requirement not an institution to fight corruption and promote good leadership. wama Irene enjoy yr pay check. lucky u

    2. My, my, the lady has only been in office for less than six months and you are already measuring her against Baku who has been in office for four years during which time he successfully bungled up the CHOGM trials of Bukenya, Nasasira, Kutesa and Rukutana! I suggest you wait for her finish her term before you start making unsubstantiated value judgments! Oh and by the way, what is your personal contribution to the fight against corruption beyond simply blaming other for not doing enough?!

  6. Which policeman can wake up in the morning and get acall that there is Two hundred million shillings wrongly diposited in your count as it is in the OPM?Lets be serious guys.

  7. I even think that these percentages were politically tampared with to indicate that corruption is reducing. The truth is that these percentages can be much higher if the researchers were serious and not following any biased instructions. There is still a long way to go!! Let us not just cover up.

  8. I have failed to know this IGG responsibility. It seems that the IGG is concerned with those extorting money from the Public BUT not the ones stealing huge sums of money from Public Offices.

    Then I wonder who is responsible for the likes of Bigirimana and Kazindas?

    This is why Police comes in the first Position yet in the eyes of the Majority it is the Government Officials within the Government are the most corrupt.

    I would not blame Police for extorting money from the Public because they can not have access to Government funds and more so even that which has been budgeted for them is eaten by their Bosses who have access to it.

    Uganda’s vice is Stealing Government funds and not corruption as the IGG seems to portray.

  9. corruption in Uganda has become the most sophisticated and complicated scenario therefore it,s hard to believe that which institution lead the other bse of its complexity.

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