Police Present Phone Evidence In Mak Rape Case

Detectives at Wandegeya Police station have submitted the two phones recovered as exhibits in the rape case against Makerere University administrator to the Police Forensic headquarters for analysis.
Both phones were recovered from Rachel Njeri Njoroge, who is accusing Edward Kisuze (pictured below), an administrator in the academic registrar’s office, of rape.

The phones are believed to contain implicating messages as well as the original pictures taken by the victim.
The phones were taken for forensic analysis following a directive by the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) to have the messages and pictures analysed and authenticated.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, says they will include the expert opinion of the analysts to the file before resubmitting it to the DPP.
“We are still investigating. We are waiting for the forensic report so we can push the case forward,” Owoyesigyire said.

Police had earlier on sent  Kisuze’s case file to the DPP for perusal, advice and possible sanction but it was returned with advise that police authenticates the evidence.
Apart from the statements of the complainant and the suspect, Police has allegedly failed to find any witness to support the case.
The pictorial evidence provided by Njeri has also been added on the file. In her statement, Ms Njeri alleges that Kisuze repeatedly forced her into having sexual intercourse with him as she tried to get her academic transcript from the Academic Registrar’s office.

However, Kisuze denies raping Njeri, saying they had a love affair. He also denies that he is the person in the picture that went viral on social media after it was posted by Njeri. In the picture, a man is seen on his knees kissing Njeri’s private parts.

Kisuze, who is still in custody at Wandegeya Police station, was suspended by the acting Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof, William Bazeyo to allow investigations into the matter.

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7 thoughts on “Police Present Phone Evidence In Mak Rape Case

  1. i cant imagine some one who had already left university,considered as a working class led,who has eaten many ,many sticks of bogoya’s. uncountable one’s to come back just b’se of her greed for money,to tarnish some one name who has gradually been promoted to zat rank.u bring him down over stupid bukuzi

    1. Edward Kisuze is a serial sex pest. He is a real pervert who used his position to play on many girls at Makerere at it would be good to bring him down. We who have daughters don’t need official of with such behavior at the Makerere University. I saw Rachel running out of the office on the day and she was really distressed, have never seen someone that distressed. Sad what happens to our girls.

  2. Its too early to tell who is fooling who because why did Kisuze feature at her graduation standing alongside that girl?

  3. The Njoroge – Kisuze Fiasco is quite a fiasco! It leaves many questions unanswered. The truth is that there are many lecturers who are sexpests! This has been going on for a long period of time. However given that University Students are treated as Adults (all of them being above 18 years), I don’t think any girl who falls into the traps set by the lecturers should complain. Why don’t they use their conscience? In case of any sexual advance, why don’t they report to the disciplinary committees that exist within the institutions? There are more questions than answers in the Njoroge – Kisuze Scenario.

  4. this is trick this kenyan girl might be in need of money.i dont thick she was raped or harrased

  5. guys we are mature enough to know whats on ground

    this is not the first time we are hearing this
    girls in campus are no longer young , the know all good things and bad things
    anyway exchange is no robbery
    i really dont see any problem with the lecturer
    i think she was just trying her luck despite the fact she is an adult there is no crime commuted

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