Police Releases Bulange-Mengo Fire Report

Uganda Police has released a report on the fire that gutted the Bulange-Mengo armory on October 10th this year.

Ms. Judith Nabakooba, the police spokesperson, while addressing journalists after the release of the report said that the fire was caused by petrol which was spilled in the armory where it broke out killing four people.

Nabakooba said that the fire caused a lot of damage because police was called in late at the scene to contain the fire.

The fire at Bulange broke out after an unidentified woman poured petrol which she found in the security office. She had been detained in the security office after trying to forcefully enter Bulange.

The victims included the Kabaka’s chief guard, Capt. Steven Kisitu Mivule, and Ngabi Betty Nakanwagi among others.

The release of the report comes amidst demands from Buganda Kingdom to release other reports on Buganda properties such as Kasubi tombs, Naggalabi sites and other royal properties that have been burnt mysteriously.


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2 thoughts on “Police Releases Bulange-Mengo Fire Report

  1. please, give us a genuine report.. What caused the petrol to burn? Pouring petrol doesn’t mean fire will catch. What are you hiding from Ugandans?

  2. Who brought petrol to the security office and for what reasons? Was it that woman who wanted to force her way in or somebody else? The report should explain that too. However, i want to thank the police for that quick report. I wish all other reports were as quick as this one.

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