Police Takes Over Beneath the Lies Series Saga

Following the break-in at the kinetic and Savannah Moon studios late last month, police has chipped in to investigate how it was all plotted.


Three suspects have already been put in police custody at Jinja Road police station as further scrutiny of the matter takes course.

According to the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, the unknown individuals broke into the studios located at Lakeside Villas between 3:00 am to 4:30 am.

“At around 3:30am, thieves gained access into the house through the sitting room. They proceeded to a room where the gadgets were kept, packed everything and left the scene,”Onyango said.

“The properties stolen include camera math box, camera lens, camera body, desktop computers, laptops, DVD players and hard drives,” he added.

Unknown thugs broke into the studios on 30th December last year, running away with property valued at around US $76,000.

All recorded episodes of beneath the lies series were lost in the process, dictating its withdrawal from the airwaves.

However police is currently going through the CCTV footage to establish the possible leads to the criminals.

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