Police Arrests Vendors Selling Red Pepper’s ‘Freedom Issue’


Ugandan police on Wednesday arrested news paper vendors selling the Red Pepper’s ‘Freedom’ issue produced from the ‘bush’. The force early this week shut down the media house.

Activists protesting Police's Monday actions
Activists protesting Police’s Monday actions

The Red Pepper  and Daily Monitor reported a falling out among army generals over whether the president’s son is to succeed him.

Police continued for a third day to search the offices of The Daily Monitor and Red Pepper.

Two radio stations Dembe and KFM in the Monitor’s offices also remain off air.

However, the Red Pepper printed a “bush” version of the newspaper, with police arresting vendors selling it.

“We have taken in some vendors for questioning because what they were doing was illegal,” police spokesman Ibn Senkumbi said, although he could not confirm how many had been arrested.

But the Red Pepper says it would continue to print.

However, Red Pepper maintains it is determined to ensure that it fulfills the promise to keep Ugandans informed with the truth.

The raids come after the two printed a leaked confidential memo by a senior army general, David Sejusa Tinyefuza, alleging that President Yoweri Museveni was grooming his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba to succeed him and plotting to assassinate those opposed to the plan.

Several other generals have condemned Tinyefuza’s memo.

Police searched the stall of newspaper vendor Mariza Musoke, finding no copies of the paper, but arrested three of her colleagues.

“Police had bundles of newspapers they had confiscated,” she said.

The US-based Committee to Protect Journalists and France-based Reporters Without Borders have both criticised the closure of the newspapers.

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13 thoughts on “Police Arrests Vendors Selling Red Pepper’s ‘Freedom Issue’

  1. Fellow country men and women, following the current situation in the country. I have finally concluded that ” our country has gone back to square one (The Dogs). All we need at the moment is God,s mercy.

    1. Asiimwe thanks for reminding me one of those days when the uganda government used to as wel as looking for konies shadow

  2. The Red Paper is NOT an illegal publication!

    The Search Warrant was obtained with ‘Malice-Afore-Thought.
    NO search was ever the intention of the Police/Military/SFC.
    THis is Naked cowardly culpable stampede caused by tyrannic culture gone stale!
    The General does not deny writing.
    He is a member of every high club and office of misrule in this country.
    Police should confine itself in those offices IF NECESSARY at all!!!

    1. Well said. Why have the vendors been arrested where there is clearly no illegal activity? They have not interfered with the search warrant, which incidentally was revoked because the police abused the remit that it gave. It is now the police who are in fact acting illegally by continuing to besiege the media houses.

  3. thanks for reminding me of the days when our govt used to report false stuff about kony

  4. I was even wondering whether the letter could be found on transmitters of KFM and Dembe FM, or whether the “source” of the letter is different from Gen. Sejussa who allegedly confirms authoring it. How can the Gen. be the author and then not be the source of the alleged letter? Regarding the ‘bush’ version of the Red Pepper, I can only say, Bravo. Keep it up. Keep informing your readers!!!

  5. About succession, why doesnt the presidents family come out to clear the air, if its not true! instead of harassing people over nothing. it sickens i mean! style up we re tired of lies. tired of being hoodwinked very tired of this damn gov’t. tired, tired, tired!! change is we need.

  6. I was planning to come back home with serious investments but these kind of actions are discouraging. It is difficult to do any long term planning and coral financing in this kind of environment.

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Thats why Muhozi was promoted. He arrested the suit and the dungu!

  8. But you I would to ask you this question [you who think that you are very informed]; Who told you that the police needs a Search Warrant in order to conduct a search????????????

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