POST ELECTIONS: Jinja District Voters Task Tibyaze on Service Delivery

Peace Tibyaze ,Former Woman MP Candidate Jinja District

Unhappy with the outcomes of the 2021 Woman Member of Parliament seat,
stakeholders in Jinja District (Rural) have vowed to hold up hearty Peace Tibyaze execute her development programs in the area even when she is out
of parliament.

This follows the controversial results of the 2021 Jinja District Woman MP seat where voters accuse the electoral commission of declaring Loy Katali the National Resistance Movement (NRM) flag bearer whom a section of stakeholders claim lost to youthful Tibyaze.

Speaking to Red pepper, Andrew Kagoda, a resident of Butagaya in Jinja District argues that Katali’s victory is not felt by voters on grounds that the election was not free and fair, but marred by irregularities perpetrated by the former, an allegation we could not verify by press time.

The race that attracted five contenders saw NRM’s Katali Loy controversially declared winner against her closest rival independent Peace Tibyaze.

Other candidates were FDC’s Byuma Betty Tuuse , Nambi Miria(NUP),Tulirinya Sharon Mary (DP) while Independents included; Kamaali Racheal, Nabirye Agnes Baganzi and Namusobya Sarafina Betty.

Another voter from Buwenge who preferred anonymity argued that Katali was
defeated by Tibyaze but electoral malpractice like voter intimidation and bribery, which they blame on the former’s camp, denied the latter people’s mandate.

‘’We as stakeholders in Jinja District, we believe in the power of the voters as given by the constitution. However, when someone overturns the will of the people it is the most unfortunate thing a politician can do. We ask Tibyaze to continue serving us because we have already embraced her projects ‘’, said a voter.

Speaking to Redpepper in Buwenge Town Council on Friday, Tibyaze revealed that she will not challenge Katali’s purported victory in court, but said she knows she has no people’s mandate and referred her to the bible verse of Proverbs 29:4 that says ‘By justice a king builds up the land, but he who exacts gifts tears it down’.

Outspoken Tibyaze maintained that she will continue lobbying for the area to empower women and young people, promote education and health programs, and empower farmers and development groups among others.

‘’ I know Jinja District supported us. Prior to robbing their victory, we are still strong and we shall continue developing our people even when we are out of parliament. We have programs relating to supporting the girl
child, value addition for farmers and water and sanitation programs ‘’, she

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