President Museveni meets Chinese Premier

President Yoweri Museveni has commended the Chinese companies that have invested in Uganda in the sectors of defence, power generation, oil and gas, steel and agro-processing and thanked the Chinese government for providing loans for the construction of the Karuma and Isimba power dams.

china museveni

The President was recently meeting the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Great Peoples Hall in Beijing China during a bilateral meeting.

“I thank China for supporting Uganda in its anti-colonial struggle and for the loans to build Karuma and Isimba dams. As government, our emphasis is on the importance of the Standard Gauge Railway, hydro power and a few defence items,” he said.

President Museveni welcomed the idea of a joint feasibility study for the railway project and for the Industrial training centre.

The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said his government was willing to conduct a joint feasibility study with Uganda for the Standard gauge railway before advance financial support is made.

He also said his government is willing to establish an industrial training centre to provide the required skills for the new investments.

“This will be an institution providing training to young people. The skills passed on here will be required for the new manufacturing companies including the railway project. China will continue to encourage more companies to make investments in Uganda,” he said.

Premier Li Keqiang said his government will continue to emphasize training and experience sharing with Uganda.

Later, President Museveni paid a courtesy call on the Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, equivalent to the speaker of the National Assembly Zhang Dejiang.

He thanked him or the collaboration his institution has with the Ugandan parliament.

“Uganda had triple problems before including colonialism, underdevelopment, political and market fragmentation. We have been fighting these enemies and have move a distance with the integrated market. We are grateful to China for supporting our struggle for development,” he said.

Speaker Zhang Dejiang who visited Uganda before, said his visit offered him a deep understanding of Uganda.

“I enjoyed the stability, development and huge economic potential that Uganda offers. If Vision 2040 to transform Uganda is implemented, we have high hopes in those achievements,” he said.

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