Pro Kayihura Rioters Storm Makindye court

Pro Kayihura Rioters Storm Makindye court

Pro Kale Kayihura demonstrators have today morning stormed Makindye court protesting against his trial in courts of law.

The demonstrations against persecuting the IGP, Gen Kale Kayihura started yesterday 9th August, 2016 where a group of youths tried to storm parliament to show the unfairness that is in the trial of the Inspector General of Police.


These protestors want those who did the torture be tried not their boss, saying a father cannot be penalized for his son’s wrongs.

According to a city lawyer Nicholas Opio, the Kabalagala DPC deployed the protesters today morning.

“DPC Kabalagala has just deployed a truckload of placard carrying protesters inside Makindye Court,” tweeted the city lawyer.

Gen. Kale Kayihura is expected to appear before Makindye Magistrates court alongside other seven officers to answer charges of police brutality.


In a video footage, police officers are seen mercilessly caning Besigye supporters in mid-July as they were rallying behind him while heading to FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi to address the press following his release from prison on court bail.

Kayihura was later summoned to appear before Makindye court after he praised his officers who had viciously caned people saying it was a new technique the police had brought on board to encounter rioters.


Although these people are demonstrating against his prosecution in court saying he shouldn’t be the one charged for the deeds of his officers, many human rights activists have condemned the act saying these officers were working under ‘orders from above’ and therefore those that are ‘above’ have to defend themselves in court.

Besigye vowed to attend the session where someone hunting him is being hunted as per saying “a long lasting rat can get a chance to eat on the skin of a cat”.

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