PUNIC: Kigunga Residents Petition IGP Following Night Raids by Machete-Wielding Thugs

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Residents of Kigunga Town in Mukono district are living in fear following nights of raids by unknown thugs that left several homes robbed.

In the aftermath of the attack which took place on Wednesday night at around 2:30am local time, locals are still in shock after the gang raided the area one home after another where several residents were tied, beaten up and robbed of their valuable household items.

In a letter dated 16 February, 2022 titled ‘INVASION OF KIGUNGA BY NIGHT ROBBERS’, addressed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of the Uganda Police Force, Martin Okoth Ochola, residents say thugs armed with machetes descended on Kigunga ,numbing residents with chloroform before they break into houses.

‘’This is to inform you that night robbers (BAKONDO) have invaded Kigunga these days. They come at night, and cut away a window of a house and enter and carry away everything when the residents are deep asleep after spraying them with Chloroform’’, reads in part a letter to IGP signed by one of the residents, James Musoke.

Residents further claim that if no action is taken, the thugs could cruelly strike like they have done elsewhere especially in greater Masaka, given the wave of insecurity which has swept through parts of the country recently in the recent past.

‘’The Police/LDU patrol officers move only on the highway, so the robbers take advantage of this to rob the inside of Kigunga. They are now coming every night. For more details and confirmation of this, call the Chairman of the village Stephen Wangula (0755869080/0776869080) or DPC Seeta who is on (0700640280)’’, added Musoke in a letter copied to several relevant authorities including the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) and Parliament of Uganda.

The locals who asked for the Patrolling of the inner parts of Kigunga are also worried that the night robbers will take away the life of some of the residents during these repeated attacks on the villages of Kigunga.

The area Village Chairperson Stephen Wangula confirmed the raids by robbers, saying some residents might end up being hacked for attempting to resist the robbery, making alarms and  failing to avail the money which the thugs could demand from them that night.

‘’ By 8pm, most houses are closed for fear of being attacked yet Kigunga has been having business booming with people moving around and making money’’, he said.

Last year, the police warned Ugandans of an increase in criminal gangs armed with machetes and travelling on motorcycles before attacking people in homes at night.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said gangs are growing bigger, many carrying out burglary and theft, but the police are pursuing them and several have been arrested.

By Press time, the Police had not commented about the matter.

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