RAHU, UNESCO flagg off ’03 Program’ at Makerere University

It is undeniable that access to sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information has become a global concern hence schools are also seen as a key institutions for all young to acquire knowledge about sexuality and SRHR. Concern for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) is essential for sustainable health development this is why Reach A Hand Uganda together with UNESCO launched the #03plus program at Makerere University.

A panel discussion at the #03pluUG program launch at MUK

Students in universities are at high risk of getting reproductive health challenges like STIs and STDs. This is because many of them take health care information lightly, others have not been exposed enough to make informed choices and the rest may not have easy access to proper and improved youth-responsive services.

Reach A hand Uganda CEO Humpfrey Nabimanya expressed his excitement having started his journey at Makerere University as a student of community Psychology.

Reach A hand Uganda CEO Humpfrey Nabimanya

“We are here to ensure that young people are fully empowered with health information that will contribute to ending the inequalities we are facing in society today. The #03pluUG program is part of the health innovative programs that focuses on health system strengthening to improve access, coverage, quality and efficiency of the health service delivery of young people.

As a Keynote speaker at the event, guild president Alionzi Lawrance Dangote noted that in spite of the legal frameworks and numerous policies and strategies, sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services are on the decline in Universities due to lack of free access to youth responsive services. “Violations of the right to SRH continue to be experienced throughout different universities.

MUK guild president Alionzi Lawrence Dangote

This is in terms of unavailability of essential SRH services, difficulties in accessing these services owing to stigma and lack of supportive systems that can enable students find easy access” he said


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