RAW HUMOUR! Mr. Hyena chews starved sexy Aunt

I’ve always wanted to visit my uncle Samuel who stays in Gayaza. The main reason why I wanted to visit him was his generosity with money. Being in a tight and fixed situation of not having a job, I resorted to family to find a solution.

My uncle owns three hardware stores and I had hopes of working at least at one.  I reached my uncle’s place very early on a Monday morning. To my surprise, Uncle Sam had brought in a new bride, who is my aunt by virtue of being my Uncle’s wife.  She is a light skinned, thick and curvy woman. She was wearing a short dress that exposed her juicy thighs when she came to open the door. She offered me a seat and said my uncle would be with me in a few minutes.

I couldn’t stop gazing at her big round bumper as she left for the kitchen. I immediately played scenarios in my head in which I imagined myself squeezing that fat bumper and caressing those juicy thighs. My uncle came out immediately to interrupt my great imagination.

“I’m sure you have seen my bride Sheila, there is no one as beautiful as that woman,” my uncle said, “I would kill any man I found trying to play around with my girl Sheila. I hurt a lot when I find any common man disturbing her,” He added.  I just kept nodding at all my uncle was saying but my mind was still thinking about that big booty I had just seen. We then left for the hardware store.

My uncle offered me a job as his supervisor. I had to report whatever took place at the hardware store to him. I did this job for about two weeks and everything ran smoothly. On one fateful day, my uncle said he had to travel to Mombasa for a week. He said he had business to run there but with the rumors I had heard at the hardware store, they said he was probably going on a boning holiday with one of his mistresses.

He however left me instructions on what to do and also instructed me to report directly to his wife Sheila, because he didn’t want her to be disturbed while he was in Mombasa. Uncle Sam left for Mombasa on Sunday. On Monday morning, I reached work earlier than most people. I wrote all that I was supposed to write and divided tasks among the workers at the hardware store.

One of the workers in the accounts section informed me that money to acquire some of the building materials was insufficient. But luckily my uncle had told her to send me to his wife for more money in case it was needed. That was a good excuse to take another peek at that wonderful body Sheila’s mother had blessed her with.

So I arrived at my uncle’s crib, knocked, but there was no response at first. Before I could knock again, Sheila came out covered with only a towel and it was evident she had just left the shower room. As usual I entered and made myself comfortable. Sheila left for her room to dress up. I just imagined following her into her room and pulling her towel away to have a taste on that juicy booty.

Sheila came out a few minutes later dressed in a short black dress and by the looks of it, she had no bra on the inside. She sat on the couch just opposite where I was sitting. I greeted her and started explaining why I had come. Sheila engaged me in another conversation about her life saying it’s not what she had expected to be. But judging by her looks, Sheila was just right about what she was saying.

She is a woman you would expect to be a socialite causing scrotal eruptions all over Kampala, but here now she is a house wife with a very strict husband, who is even rarely around. Sheila just lacked someone to always be there for her, cuddle and provide a shoulder to lean on when needed.

Listening to Sheila say all that gave my Wire hope for some juicy booty. I promised Sheila she could count and rely on me in case of anything. Sheila stared at me for a while and then finally said, “What can you really provide me when I am like even a boss to you.” I quickly responded that “I’m available, aren’t I? And where is your husband? You see, I can provide you with some comfort.” Sheila first leant back on the couch.

For a moment, I thought she had not been pleased with what I had said. To my surprise, Sheila just spread her legs for me while biting her lip, signaling me to come do just exactly what I had in mind. I rushed to go to where Sheila was, only for her to stop me with her foot. I want you to crawl to me and show me how much you want this Cookie.

I crawled calmly till I was between Sheila’s thighland. I reached for her thighs, caressing them with both my hands as I also moved her little black dress away to expose her Kitone. Sheila had slashed her Mabira so clean as if she had planned for this whole venture.  Sheila was not wearing any undies as well so I dived into her Kitone without any interference.

Sheila sang sweet songs so loudly I got scared for a moment that someone would hear us. But Sheila just kept pushing my head deep into her Kitone. I had to send my tongue on an adventure as it toured all parts of her Benghazi.

Sheila then removed the dress she was putting on and asked me where I wanted her to go. I just pointed her to the dining room table and she wasted no time in getting there. Her Kitone was already dripping.  I made her bend over with her big booty and started chewing her. I boned Sheila in all styles I could remember. Sheila praised me for knowing how to deal with a married woman’s problems.

She then asked me to come see her every day for the rest of the week while my uncle was away. I have been secretly boning my uncle’s wife for three months now. Sometimes when my uncle is around, Sheila finds an excuse to leave the house and comes to my place for some good banging. I just hope that my uncle never finds out because that will surely be the end of me. Till then, I remain yours truly, Mr. Hyena.(DO YOU HAVE A HOT STORY (CHEATERS, DIVORCE, VIDEOS, CORRUPTION, LAND WRANGLES, EXPOSES …ETAL) YOU WOULD LIKE US TO PUBLISH? CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP 0777959024 OR EMAIL:redpeppertips@gmail.com)

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