DRAMA: RDC, Locals Feud over Failure to Cater For Burial Expenses

Rukiga – Frank Besigye Kyerere, Resident District Commissioner for Sheema District, has dragged the leadership of his village’s self-help group to local council II Court for failing to cater for the burial expenses of his late father,

In the twist of events, Kyerere demanded UGX210,000 which was meant to receive as a member upon losing a close relative.

RDC Kyerere is a resident of Nyakahanga Village, Nyarurambi parish, Rwamucucu Parish in Rukiga District.

It is alleged that the village group (Nyakahanga Twezikye group) chose not to take care of his father’s burial expenses three months ago after the commissioner defaulted on the Monthly fees worth UGX1,000 for three years in a row.

According to the constitution of the group, every member pays a monthly subscription of UGX1,000, and anyone who fails to do so for at least three months ceases to be a Member.

Kyerere had according to the group leadership failed to subscribe for three years and therefore wasn’t a member anymore.

In this case,the RDC had failed to subscribe for three years,and therefore wasn’t a member anymore.

Allen Kyomuhangyi the chairperson of the Nyakahanga Twezikye group, members who lose their loved ones get Shs 210,000, catering services and a condolence cash of Shs 20,000 which the RDC missed because he wasn’t a member.

He at first lost in the village LCI court of Nyakahanga but when he appealed to the parish LCII court of, Nyarurambi he won the case and court ordered the village group to pay him ugx 210,000.

Speaking our reporter, RDC Kyereere said he sued the group at local council one and lost the case , before he appealed in local council two Court where he won.

“I was refunded UGX78,500 After winning the case while my mother was paid Shs 230,000. I’m happy that I won,” Kyereere said.

One of the group members said: “The RDC should have been an example as the RDC. How could he fail to raise UGX 1,000…it’s shame.”

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