New Kabale RDC Rallies Religious Leaders to Support Govt Projects, Dev’t

Bishop Callistus Rubaramira of Kabale Diocese (4th ) with RDC Nyakahuma

Godfrey Nyakahuma (5th L) Sheikh Kabu Lule the kabale Khadh

Kabale | RedPepper Digital – The Kabale Resident District Commissioner, Godfrey Nyakahuma, has rallied religious leaders in the district to support government programs that are geared towards improving the livelihoods of Ugandans.

 Nyakahuma was Monday visiting the bishop of Kabale Diocese, the Rt Rev Callistus Rubaramira, at his residence on Rushoroza hill in Kabale municipality.

 Nyakahuma, who was recently transferred from Bugiri district, said that he decided to visit all religious leaders in the district, to rally them to support government programs and also a means to create peace and unity in the district.

 He adds that the few weeks, he has spent in the district, he has realized that the populace, is divided in political camps based on their religions, something he said, if not handled carefully, could deter development.

 Nyakahuma noted that religious leaders need to unite and tell their followers that time for politics ended and it’s time to focus developing their families. He commended faith-based organizations for

 Partnering with the government, in ensuring that its programs are implemented.

 Bishop Rubaramira, in company of the vicar General, Monsignor John Vianny Sunday, the diocesan pastoral coordinator, Rev Fr Reuben Mubangizi and his secretary, Rev Fr. Placid Mugumya, pledged that as the church, they are committed to supporting government programs aimed at fighting household poverty like Emyooga and the Parish development model.

Bishop Callistus Rubaramira of Kabale Diocese (4th ) with RDC Nyakahuma

 He said that, as a way of supporting, government’s development agenda, they have come up with programs and projects like Caritas and the tea project, which employs over a 100 people on daily basis.

On the issue of the divided populace, Bishop Rubaramira, said he and his diocese of Kigezi counterpart, the Rt Rev George Bagamuhunda, have always united in preaching peace amongst their followers.

He, however, said that most politicians, who forget that politics is a national service and not an income-generating venture, always derail their efforts to build peace and unity in the district. This, he said leaves, the public divided yet they would need to continue living together even, after electoral processes.

Bishop Rubaramira, also called the youths to stop wasting in nonproductive ventures like- playing of pool, cards and sports betting among others, which has exacerbated poverty in their families.

The RDC’s visit to the Bishop of Kabale diocese follows his visit over the weekend to the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC- Kabale Muslim district headquarters in Kirigime in Kabale municipality.

During his visit, Muslim leaders led by the Kabale district Muslim Kadhi, Sheikh Kabu Lule and the Chairman Kabale Muslim district council, Hajji Issah Tindyebwa, raised a number of issues, which the requested to be brought to the attention of President Yoweri Museveni.

 One of the issues the Muslim leaders raise was about their plot of land (Plot-1,) located along Stadium road, which they said was formerly owned by UMSC, Kabale Muslim district and it comprised of a mosque, Conference hall, and the Kadhi’s office.

  But, in 1995, the Indians claimed the ownership of the said plot and, efforts by the Muslim community to claim it, have all been in vain.

 They also need the president to help them in the construction of a 5-storied building for income generation on plot 103 Kabale road, which according to the approved plan is valued at over  Ugx 1.4 billion.

The Muslim leaders also want the ministry of education and sports to consider constructing a science laboratory at Ndorwa secondary school.

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