Red Pepper’s Rugyendo to take over Janet M7’s Seat

RP's Arinaitwe Rugyendo

Following the pronouncement by Janet Museveni to quit politics and not to contest as Member of Parliament for Ruhaama County in Ntungamo district, many people have come out expressing interest in replacing the First lady.


However, the most shocking revelation that has taken social media by storm, sending tongues wagging if a statement by distinguished journalist and Red Pepper’s Chief Marketing Manager Arinaitwe Rugyendo.

Rugyendo who is also commonly known among his comrades as General made the shocking revelation on Saturday where he noted that, “Special announcement: I am officially moving to replace Janet Museveni. Details soon,” Rugyendo posted on his Facebook wall.

This saw many of his friends pour out with words of encouragement with some labeling him the savior of Ruhaama.

However, he has remained tight lipped about the party ticket he is going to contest on with the only response he gave being “Am going to be multi-colored”.

In fact, most of his close friends and family members are said to be nursing the surprise announcement given the fact that he never in his life time hinted at joining politics.

Rugyendo started raising questions in public when he was photographed next to the five East African presidents, with some members wondering if he was nursing any presidential ambitions.

Soon, the storm on the debate calmed down, but unknown to most of the people close to him, Rugyendo was grooming himself to join politics and Janet’s quitting couldn’t provide a better opportunity.

He is a Fellow or Archbishop Desmund Tutu Leadership programme which is a network of Young promised African leaders committed to the advancement of the African Continent.

Rugyendo has been of late been a keynote speaker in many youths symposiums and he has been preaching the gospel of being innovative and creative to drive out unemployment in Uganda.

The celebrated journalist has on many occasions told of how they started the Might Pepper Publication with his friends, a summon that has stuck on many minds of the youths, to the extent that some even recite it better than the Apostle’s creed.

However, Arinaitwe has lashed out to his critiques who have told him not to tamper with Ruhaama politics given he isn’t native of the area, arguing that he has strong ancestral grounds in Ruhaama.

He explained that, “I was born and raised in Rwera, Rweikiniro, Ruhaama County; my mother is from the neighboring Rwampara but with strong ancestral roots in Ruhaama.”

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