Rema Dumps Kenzo over Male friend

Rema the Sexy 'fire tonight' star

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Rema the Sexy 'fire tonight' star
Rema the Sexy ‘fire tonight’ star

A few months back, it was reported that singers Eddie Kenzo and Rema were an item, however our snoops have established that that Rema has dumped the ‘Zivuga’ singer.

Info reaching this desk is that gorgeous dark skinned Rema dumped Kenzo because of his self-exile in Johannesburg, South Africa where he is rumoured to be close to a loaded South African based guy  identified as Kawie.

Close pals to the ‘Fire tonight’ singer reveal that Rema has mixed feelings about Kenzo because of Kawie’s sexual orientation.Wehave further learnt that Kenzo has spent three months flying between Entebbe and Johannesburg. It’s because of Kenzo’s over staying in South Africa that Rema was forced to end the affair”


However, it has also come to our attention that Rema has been secretly seeing a yet to be identified loaded dude behind Kenzo’s back.Kenzo had bought Rema a Raum car and even assigned her a driver who Rema fired recently.

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