REVEALED! Plot to kill ex-Kwania Mp aspirant leaks

A former Kwania county Mp contestant, Emmanuel Ogwal Agweno has run to Police claiming that some people are after his life.

He has gone ahead to list some suspects that he wants Police to interrogate further before they bump him off.

One is a District Health official, another is Hotel proprietor in Lira Town, another is UPDF personnel at a rank of a Major, another is a timber dealer in Lira town and others are known rogue elements in Lira town.

Fingers have reportedly been pointed at four politicians in the Lango sub-region northern Uganda as master planners.

The murder plot meetings have taken place at Kakoge, Jinja Camp and Mango Beach (towards Lango College), according to Agweno.

He says whereas the threats started in 2014 they became so serious last year in December.


In a police statement, Agweno says this plot came to his attention on the Sunday of 18th December, 2022, during the 2022 World Cup finals between France and Argentina.

“That very evening I reported to our usual place of leisure [hotel names withheld ready to watch this match.

“However, I was faced with very terrifying information when one of my comrades, a journalist, called me aside and pointed at three people who were holding a meeting at the Hotel shade next to the entrance. He asked me whether I knew one of the persons whose face seemed to be unfamiliar in the area.

“And when I looked at his face, he was a total stranger to me, but his appearance resembled security personnel. But the other two were members of our pool game club—a District Health official and a timber dealer in Lira City.

“It was at this point when the journalist told me he was seated at the table next to these people and overheard them plotting to finish me off and were only looking for someone who knew me well to help lure me into their trap and ease their mission.

“And before I arrived, a similar meeting was reportedly conducted by the said District Health official, the stranger security personnel and one Sidi; I thereafter started observing these people keenly.

“Later on, the District Health official together with the stranger left and went to a hotel worker (names withheld] and upon a one-minute talk, the three then went back to the Hotel shade and started another meeting.

“At this material time I moved inside the building where I met a one Ojok – Anok Isaac taking a meal and we started chatting. The hotel worker came from their outside meeting, greeted us, only to move around the Hotel bar and went back to their meeting point.

“Subsequently the meeting ended and the Hotel worker resumed to where he was playing the slot machine, the District Health official came back to watch the Pool game while the stranger disappeared.

“However, when we were seriously watching the World Cup, I realized that the stranger was seated next to me and observing me carefully instead of the screen where everyone was attentively watching the match. I realized that danger loomed. I then sneaked out and took a boda- boda ride straight to my house.

“I stayed home for four days without going to town. On the Fifth day I moved to Acanadiro Hotel to try to figure out what could be the matter. I found people playing Pool games and others on slot machines. I then joined those playing the machine. Then Sidi arrogantly asked me why I was missing in those few days and I told him I was sick but he kept persisting with the same question for roughly three times and getting the same answer.

“He later withdrew his money from the slot machine and told me he was leaving early because he needed to pick his bike before the mechanic leaves … .He then proceeded to Town College play ground where he was in a phone conversation for like ten minutes. I followed his behaviour keenly due to the arrogant question he asked and the fact that he attended the said meeting previously.

“Sidi, after about twenty minutes, returned and started playing the slot machine again. I did not know what happened with his bicycle issue and going home early. However, after some fifteen minutes, a white Toyota MarkX UAX 905L arrived at the packing yard of Acanadiro Hotel and a young man moved out of the car. He came and sat next to me and Sidi and keenly observed how I was playing the slot machine. I got suspicious because this car is always driven by notorious gangs in town and always used for dangerous missions.

“I left the slot machine and started watching a pool game. He also followed me and stood next to me. Later he moved inside towards the bar and I sneaked out and jumped on Boda-Boda and went home.

“I again stayed home for about seven days and on the 31st December, 2022, I moved to town and reached Acanadiro Hotel to try and get any clue to help me understand what could have triggered all these threats.

“When I reached, a certain hotel worker started harassing me about why I was not picking up several calls people had been making and that more than 20 people came around looking for me and insisted on me returning them.

“Later, after a few minutes someone came on a boda-boda and hurriedly went inside the Hotel Bar, came out immediately and sat adjacent to the entrance for about two minutes and again moved inside.

“The hotel worker then came out and started following me as I was moving to Galaxy Guest House, where I met friends and stopped to interact with them. The hotel worker made a U-turn to the hotel. I then hurriedly left and took a boda ride back home.”


“I later went to Kampala where the person who met me at Acanadiro Hotel that very fateful day asked me to visit his office.

“I went the following day and met with a friend [both UPC EALA former Contestants] and we exchanged pleasantries and afterwards they started putting to me some negative issues concerning Government and individuals.

“I was not ready to talk about negativities, only to realize that I was being recorded and attempts to play the recording to ascertain any material worth their interest back fired because it played my voice loudly. One struggled to switch off the recording and upon that embarrassment, we all parted ways.

“For these months I have been tracked, trailed and attempts to bump me off were made. Surveillance has been made at my home both during day and night.

“Sidi made mention to a friend that he learnt about the plot against me from Jinja Camp, and one of the persons was a Lango man he knows very well.

“However, on further investigations, I realized that he is part of the gangs recruited to execute the mission against me, and their planning bases are in Kakoge, Jinja Camp and Mango Beach (towards Lango College).


Murder motives are always three—Money, Sex and Power.

We have now learnt that Agweno could be a victim of Money and Power.

Sources say Agweno, being a seasoned politician in the area, is a threat to some politicians in the region. These could be opponents, their functionaries and political actors in the region.

Agweno is also a civil and economic rights activist who may be a target of revenge.

One such matter is his involvement as executive member/founder member of Lango Camp Host Association (LACHA) an NGO that recently won a court case against Government for degrading their land by the establishment of refugee or Internally Displaced People Camps/ settlements at the height of Kony’s LRA war in northern Uganda that affected their livelihood.

A compensation of shs55bn has since been awarded to over 5,500 Landlords/claimants.

Given that, often, rightful claimants are always manipulated, sources say some powerful people in the region are scheming how to share the compensation reward and Agweno could be the stumbling block.

In February, this year, the Lira High Court ordered the GoU to pay more than USh55b to 5,506 landlords from the Lango Sub-region affected by the creation of Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camps during the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) conflict.

Justice Alex Mackay Ajiji ruled that the Lango landlords had a cause of action against the government as their right to property and a clean environment were violated by the IDP camps, and it is the government that should be held liable.

The Lango landlords will each receive compensation of USh5m.

The landlords’ lawsuit against the government was filed in 2016 by Jackson Oneka and 5,505 other landlords with the assistance of Lango Camp Host Association (LACHA).

The landlords alleged that the government’s policy to create IDP camps during the peak of the LRA insurgency in Northern Uganda (between 2003 and 2007) led to the arbitrary and unlawful deprivation of their right to a clean and sustainable environment.

They claimed that their soil and crops were destroyed by the people living in the camps, for which they claimed compensation.

The landlords also claimed that the IDP camps left gaping holes in their land, which now require filling at a high cost.

They further argued that they lost relatives due to poverty caused by IDPs and that some have broken homes due to the inability to support their families.

The big population of IDPs destroyed their environment by polluting it with toxic chemicals, solid waste, plastic bags, deforestation, and overuse of land, among other ways.

The landlords planted various crops including orchards of pineapples, bananas, maize, potatoes, mangoes, avocadoes, and oranges, which were all eaten and destroyed.

The judge awarded each of the landlords USh3m as general damages on top of the USh5m compensation for the arbitrary and unlawful deprivation of the right to a clean and sustainable environment land that has been rendered infertile.

The affected districts in Lango Sub-region were Lira, Otuke, Apac, Oyam, Dokolo, and Kole.

The LRA insurgency lasted for at least two decades and created a humanitarian crisis in Northern Uganda.

The government’s policy to create IDP camps was aimed at protecting civilians from LRA attacks but led to the violation of human rights.

The creation of IDP camps was done throughout Northern Uganda, leading to the degradation of the environment and the destruction of property belonging to the landlords.


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