REVEALED! Secrets why Museveni maintained Amb. Aceng

Ambassador Aceng

Ambassador Aceng

By our Reporter

President Yoweri Museveni never disappoints with his diversionary tactics of swiveling the citizenry from some debates, and last Sunday was another proof of his master class avocation.

Last week, President Museveni appointed head of missions and deputy head of missions to various countries around the globe.

In Lango, Amb Julius Moto was dropped, two Ambassadors including Joy Ruth Aceng (Ottawa) and Rebecca Amuge Otengo (Addis Ababa) were retained. He also appointed two new faces including former Dokolo North Mp Paul Amoru to Pretoria and former Amolatar district woman Mp Doreen Amule to Paris.

In this article, Pepper Digital examines and digests in detail the secret behind this appointment and disappointment by the head of State in Lango.

Analytically, the President did a simple political calculation and granted Lango a +2 and -1 in the new deployment.

We should recall that towards the 2021 campaign, President Museveni entrusted Amb Aceng to coordinate and garner votes for NRM and subsequently accompanied him to his various rallies across the country as she did in 2016.

Since then, Amb Aceng’s on ground political mobilisation strategies that enabled her to capture Lango for NRM soon earned her more trust from the President, Gen Salim Saleh among other top governments.

This was the first time we saw an openly serving opposition MP campaigning for the ruling NRM. She lost her seat since she had campaigned much outside the region for Museveni.

What started as a simple political support for NRM soon saw President Museveni trusting Aceng and subsequently fully recruited her into the NRM power.

It should be recalled that towards late this year, a section of mafia working for Amb Aceng’s political downfall reportedly authored a fake list of diplomats claiming she had been dropped by the President, but this was quickly trashed.

Security intelligence later discovered that a certain diplomat from the same region was behind this concoction with intention to cause panic and inflict psychological torture.

The source revealed that President Museveni was concerned about this blatant claim and ordered a detailed investigation to probe and expose those behind Aceng’s woes.

He later assured her of incoming deployment of which he delivered last Sunday.

After the 2021 campaign,  President Museveni expressed interest to recall Amb Aceng from foreign service with intention to hand her a juicy Ministerial portfolio but she requested for a little time in Ottawa to complete special undertakings in Canada and her wish was granted.


For about 10 years, Moto, an economist from Oyam district, has been at the helm of foreign services. His first deployment was to Pretoria where he served distinctively and was later taken to London.

But unlike his other colleagues including Ambs Aceng and Otengo from the region who openly campaigned and mobilized for NRM during both 2011,  2016, and 2021 elections,  the former teacher remained politically humbled and mute.

Security sources revealed that JPEM as such could have been considered politically silent to the appointing authority coupled with his usual openness while contributing on social issues in various forums where at times he would take a sharp tone on certain issues not so supported by the government.

Another source revealed that security also took a keen interest in his independent arguments on certain matters considered sensitive to the appointing authority including Lango’s cultural dispute and issues to do with cattle compensation.

It’s also believed that due to his political silence, and humbleness,  the appointing authority could have realized that his values towards 2026 and above contribution as we gear towards the transitional politics won’t be so relevant.

Could their appointment be a political reward?

Amb Rebecca Otengo was also maintained in Addis Ababa where she has been since 2016 after she lost Alebtong woman Mp seat.

During the 2021 campaign she actively mobilized for the NRM party within the region.

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