Rich Gang’s Cheune hooks RadioCity’s Dedan


Ed Cheune—a renowned Rich gang member and South African based sangoma seems to have a very soft spot for media personalities.


They make up the biggest number of his exes and girls that he has bedded over the past few years both in and out of Kampala.

Latest information we have is that Cheune is worryingly close to Dedan Muyira—a radio presenter and struggling actress.

The two were seen getting cozy in club Guvnor and they could hardly get their hands off each other for the time they spent together.

They hugged and nearly smooched as other revellers looked on, even though the pair never seemed to mind the other people.

Actually, we’re told the two have remained in touch since then for projects we’re yet to disclose.


If the two are dating, this would be very bad news for Dedan’s workmates Andrew Kabuura and Bryan Mackenzie who have been smitten with her.

The husky voiced presenter is known for having the most yellow thighs around the city, as well as huge fleshy lips good for kisses.

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