Rising star Ham Darly on love, music & life

Ham Darly born a Ugandan currently residing in Vegas in the US and started doing music in 2019.

He is one of the artists that deserve not to be left out when we talk of the artists that are currently flourishing.

Ham is one of the young and promising singers that are currently ruling the Uganda music industry. He caught our attention with his fast-rising career. His songs like Disco, Bituffu, and Insecure are among the most loved songs.

His closeness with socialite Don Zella has always many people’s eyebrows. Some alleged the youngster has a secret relationship with the mother of singer Big eye’s child.

We spoke to him about Don Zella, music and life

Tell us how and where did your musical journey start from?

It is a long story. But to cut it short, I started way back even when I was still young. I knew music was my thing. Then I later started going to studios and record a few songs and yes my journey started.

When was your first day in studio recording your first song?

It was in 2019. I stepped in the studio to record my first song “ Disco”. Gosh, I recall as I stepped in studio , I left like I had achieved everything I need in my life. The set up in the studio was amazing. The excitement became too much that the song even became a hit. I put in all my best. It was one of best moments in my life.

And what was that hit song that made your breakthrough?
I have recorded some songs but I can say one that made my breakthrough is Insecure. People all over corners of Uganda and abroad sung it. Some would even come to my inbox to request to send them and listen. All radios in Kampala and US Played my song. All my social media channels grew. The hit made me big.

When you heard the song played on air for the first time, did you feel you’ve finally arrived to your ultimate dream? How was the feeling?

Of course, I knew I am destined for greatness. I wished I could switch on all radio stations so I could listen to the song. Then a moment came in my life when I realized that I don’t have to look back. Actually that song Insecure made me feel like getting a pen and paper and write a song through the feelings I had that time. The situation encouraged me and made me push on more.

Today you’re slowly climbing to the table of men musically, how are you handling the fame?

Well, everyone I believe wants to be famous as long as it is long it is for a good cause. I feel good when I move on streets everywhere in the world and I am recognised. But one thing on my mind is that I have respect for my fans that keep making me who I am. I control my good feelings. I don’t let fame use me.

Who can you attribute your music success so far?

I only say, God. He has enabled me to meet the right people in my life. He has enabled get the resources to finance my music. And the success I have today is all because of him.

Lots of upcoming artists are just producing bubble gum music, how different is your music?

My music is way different. Mine is just soul touching. I put in a lot of energy to give out quality music. I don’t just release bogus sounds. I use experience and good producers. I want my music to live even when I am gone. People will be able to feel me as my music lives on.

We all strive to be well off in life, what is your goal in this industry?

I just want to use my music and change people’s lives. I want my music to inspire people both in love and other sectors of life. I want to see many people’s hearts getting healed when they listen to my music. So then, I shall be contented that I have done a contribution to the population.

On social media, you always post videos of yourself dancing with socialite Don Zella. People on social media think you’re dating her? That you’re her toyboy?

Let me be clear on this, the way people see Don Zella, is not the same way I see her. She has lived in America and different other countries. I find her open-minded and do what makes her happy. We are good friends. I am not her toy boy.

By the way what inspires you to compose songs?

I am going to sum up your question and say the only Thirst drives me to compose many songs. I just have an ending thirst for music.
What challenges have you faced today in the music industry?

The biggest challenge so far is the selfishness of people. Man!! People do so much to make sure you’re down. Even the little energy one puts in, they want to see it gone. In the industry, no one wants to see you grow big. It sucks.

With no doubt, we have a big chunk of talented singers, how ready are you for the competition?
Let me say this, my music is simply freestyle. I am not in competition with anyone. I not fighting to be famous and actually I don’t want to be even.I don’t do music under pressure. I am doing music for my fans to dance to and feel good. And also I never take things for granted. I take every comment and compliment my fans make as a big point. That helps me go through the competition.

Don’t you think venturing into music is waste of time?

No sir. My music career is my dream. I don’t waste any bit of time in my life.

How are you promoting your music?

I use local media promoters. I use all other social media pages. And I am always in and out to make sure my music reach Ugandans

In a few last words, how Do you see the Ug music industry in the next five years?

The industry is growing at a very fast speed. Sometimes this freaks me out. I need to stay at the top of my games. With no doubt, UG music in the next five years will ahead

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