River Nile Ecosystem Threatened As Three Woodland Forests Are Cleared In Kayunga

River Nile Ecosystem Threatened As Three Woodland Forests Are Cleared In Kayunga

By Ali Mujuni
National Forestry Authority of Uganda has run to the Land Probe
Commission as graders roll out on the last hectares of three woodland
forests in the cattle corridor near Rivers Nile, Sezibwa and Lake

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s led Land probe commission visited
the three forests of Bajo, Wamale and Kiula in Kayunga district to
ascertain the extent of damage.

“As a country we must decide whether we want forests or development
that completely ignores the ecosystem and we suffer the consequences”.

At Galiraya Subcounty , residents told the Land probe commissioners
that the area had taken 7 months without rains which has threatened
their well being.

Sugarcane has replaced forests and the situation is getting worse.

Driving the long distance from Kayunga town council to Galiraya,
hundreds of people are seen on roads with jerrycans looking for
drinking water.

Ecosystem diversity boosts the availability of oxygen via the process
of photosynthesis amongst plant organisms domiciled in the habitat.
The reptiles in the area are dead as their habitant is being destroyed
by unknown people.

Leo Twinomuhangi, the NFA Policy and Planning Coordinator says the
forests belong to the state of Uganda not individuals in government
who have accessed titles in a dubious way.
 “In 2017, several developers approached NFA with tittles they had
acquired for land in Kayunga district. He says that the encroachers
use heavy truck machinery like bulldozers to destroy the forests and
those behind the destruction appear to be more powerful than those
claiming ownership”.
Locals said the encroachers are always accompanied by soldiers on
patrol cars and those who resisted are arrested and dumped in Luzira
prison. They are threatened by calls claiming to be from statehouse.
Names of powerful people serving in government were named for taking a
piece of vast land in Kayunga district.
Ronald Kyagaba, a member of Kayunga Land board said there’s no minute
in the district records showing they gave out land.
Mukono district land office and NFA should be blamed for presiding
over the destruction of the forests by rich and powerful connected

Kyagaba said the community is going to rise up against these
developers who disregard other Ugandans.
“We are ready to die, I have been warned several times to stop
interfering with development. Our area Woman  MP Aidah Nantaba is also
under threat”.

President Yoweri Museveni should come and save situation otherwise the
residents are ready to do anything. His political fortunes are under

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