Rogers Salivates at Sheebah’s Assets in Public

Roger critically observing Sheebah's behind

While attending the ‘Man from Ombokolo’ comedy show at Serena on Tuesday night, retired Radio guru Roger Mugisha was spotted drooling at his lover’s assets in public.

Roger critically observing Sheebah's behind
Roger critically observing Sheebah’s behind

Dressed in a black suit and a t-shirt, Roger was seen staring at Sheebah like they had spent years without meeting.

In her body-hugging dress, the sexy Sheebah gave little attention to Roger’s eyes and instead posed for the photos.

We can’t really blame Roger for salivating since this babe has a body that most men yearn for around the city.

All through the event, Roger and his lover were acting touchy, lovey-dovey and PDA of all sorts probably to scare away the haters.

This comes shortly after the two were rumored to be in preparations for an introduction or better still, a wedding ceremonybut the couple rubbished immediately.

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