Rubanda district official intervenes in land cases involving commissioner of parliament

By Moses Agaba

Authorities in Rubanda District have intervened in a land case where some sections of locals were accusing the Rubanda Woman Member of parliament and commissioner of parliament Prossy Akampurira Begumisa Mbabazi over encroached on public land in Karengyere Muko Sub County Rubanda district.

The Land in conflict neighbors the Rubanda Woman MPs country home in Karegyere parish, Muko sub county Rubanda west constituency Rubanda District.

On Thursday In the meeting that was held at land in contention Karengyere chaired by Elly Mucunguzi the Rubanda District Principal Assistant Secretary at Rubanda district who was also representing the Rubanda District Chief Administration Officer.

Mucunguzi says that as the district they had to intervene after getting reports that there were an impending blood shed where some section of people were accusing the Rubanda District Woman MP Prossy Akampurira and her Husband Apollo Mbabazi for having allegedly encroached on public land near their home.

The meeting that was tense where a section of people that included Rebecca Kehoda the Muko sub county chief, accused some leaders for having changed the boundaries of the public land saying that what she inspected with other community leaders on 19th April 2023 is not what they found.

She added that her personally, Executive sub county officials and the land committee with the help of the area chairperson and other community members had inspected the public land boundaries.

Kehoda who doubles as secretary for Muko sub county land committee insisted on the commissioner’s family for having encroached the government land.

Kehoda was backed by Haruna Mutabazi  and   Stephen Kamugisha The former Muko sub county LCIII  chairperson accused the Karengyere LCI chairperson  for having connived together and changed their stand as earlier agreed where the land of the MP Akampurira was to end but they even encroached on the public ;and by 50 meters.

However this did not go well with the Muko sub county chairperson Patrick Abeneitwe who spited fire saying the public should play politics very well but not tarnishing fellow leaders saying that some people are being used to fight the distict Woman MP Prossy Akampurira saying that the land where she built the house she didn’t not buy it but was given to her and her husband Apollo Mbabazi by her father in law Geoffrey Baturine so he doesn’t know the land they say she grabbed.

He further cautioned those playing hate politics to leave Karegyere with peace saying that all the confusion is being brought by some people that want to fight political wars even there is no complainant at all.

“Don’t paint sadoline on Hon Prossy, she has no land here. The land belongs to Geoffrey Baturine his father in law” chairman said

It’s from this point where he fired back at Stephen Kamugisha the  former Muko sub county LCIII  chairperson “ Why are you bringing confusion  who left  Muko  sub county to Rubanda town council why are you brining  confusion here leave us to handle our issues and go and concentrate  on the town council”. Fumed Abenaitwe.

Timothy Niwebyoona the Rubanda District Physical Planner challenged the locals to embrace community meetings whenever they are called for questioning the forces behind this land case saying they surveyed the government land with the community and none was complaining but was shocked to see a complaint after three months.

Elly Mucunguzi the  Rubanda District  Principal  Assistant Secretary at Rubanda district who was also representing the Rubanda District Chief Administration Officer posed a question to the locals if there was anyone complaining about land grabbing but to his surprise it was only the sub county chief Rebecca Kehoda.

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