Rukiga MP, District Councillor clash over Government Program

Kabale – Herbert Kabafunzaki, the Rukiga County member of parliament, on Friday, June 26, clashed with Micheal Kwarikunda Mbareba, the Rukiga district Male Youth Councillor, over the Presidential initiative on Wealth and job creation commonly know as “emyooga “in front of the state minister of micro-finance Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo.

“Emyoga” is a Rukiga/Runyankole word literally translated as “Skills”. It is a presidential initiative designed to empower Ugandans with special skills .

It all begun when Mbareba accused a section of politicians of politicizing the government project. without mentioning any names, told the Minister that some politicians in Rukiga had already started claiming ownership of the project, yet according to him, it was meant to benefit all Ugandans regardless of their political affiliation.

He said that one of them has been going around On radio stations saying that he was the one that has brought the program of Presidential initiative on Wealth and job creation (emyooga ) as he had also invited the minister to launch it in Rukiga saying that as a leader what he knows is that the program is a national program which some politicians need to stop using it for their selfish political gains.

“I want thank you honourable minister for implementing this government program that will help all people but Some politicians in Rukiga have been going around on radio stations saying that they are the ones that are bringing the project as they have also invited you to come and Launch it “. Mbareba said.

This did not go well with Herbert Kabafunzaki the former embattled Ex- labour minister who shot back in defence, saying it was morally and legally right for him to talk about the project claiming that it was an initiative of the NRM party to which he subscribes.

He said Mr. Mbareeba was accusing him of politicizing a government project “simply because he (Mbareeba) belongs to an opposition side.

“Honourable minister some leaders in Rukiga dont want us to talk of NRM achievements as most are of FDC like this gentle man he is an FDC man “. Kabafunzaki said.

This was on Friday at the Rukiga district headquartes at the Launch of presidentual initiative on Wealth and job creation.

Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune the State Minister for Microfinance warned Rukiga District Leaders against politicizing the “Emyoga” as it’s a government Project no politician should start confusing the people saying that it was unfortunate that some political leaders had continued to put forward their political agendas at the expense of their voters who are living in poverty.

“It’s true that the project is part of the NRM Manfesto, but the beneficiaries were less interested in its origin but rather the purpose”. Kyeyune said.

Kyeyune, Government will only give funding to groups of skilled men and women organized in SACCOS at constituency level. Targetted beneficiaries include Mechanics, Salon Operators, Boda Boda Riders, Taxi Drivers and Journalists among others as that his Ministry had already received the funds and each SACCO would receive Ug. Shs 30 million as beginning capital.

Pulkeria Mwine Muhindo the Rukiga Resident District Commissioner asked leaders to put aside their political differences and work together for the development of Rukiga district.

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