Rwandans Beg Kagame To Run For 3rd Term


Over 25,000 people gathering at Bukebera Stadium, Rutsiro district, Western province have begged president Kagame to run for the third term as the president of the republic of Rwanda.

The mammoth crowd that welcomed President Kagame
The mammoth crowd that welcomed President Kagame

“He is capable, we share his vision and we will not abandon him on the journey to take Rwanda forward,” said a Rwandan citizen at the stadium.

President Kagame is on a two day tour of the Western Province and has started with meeting residents of Rutsiro one of the remotest and hilly areas in Rwanda.

While responding to the residents’ call to run for the third term, Kagame said that; “Before we talk of 2017, I am more concerned with what we have accomplished since 2010.”

“Some think this is about election. This is not about election. We are here to evaluate how far we have come.”

Kagame pledged increased access to electricity and other services in the area.

“We were not created to be eternally dependent. Even children grow to an age where their hands no longer needs to be held, We were not created to be defined by poverty, disease, hopelesness or not knowing what tomorrow may bring. Have you ever seen electricity delivered as aid? We must achieve this on our own.  We pledge to do all we can to increase access to electricity,” said Kagame.


The western citizen outreach in Rutsiro has attracted key ministers, RPF officials and senior army & police officers.

After the meeting in Rutsiro, Kagame will head to the district of Karongi on the shores of Lake Kivu.

On Monday June 15 2015, Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) said that senior members of the ruling party endorsed a change in constitution so that President Paul Kagame can secure a third term in office.

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