Sasha Ferguson On Love, Sex, And Covid 19 Lockdown

By Fab Mc

There are socialites and slay queens and there is Sasha Ferguson. We chat with her on her beauty, her love, her lifestyle and everything else in between.

FabMc: Briefly tell us about yourself
Sasha: I’m humanitarian, a founder of a charity organization Draw A Smile Uganda that focuses on empowering and educating young women and girls, C.E.O of Sash Hair Collection based in Kabalagala and an influencer for Airtel Uganda

FabMc: People liked you on TV why did you quit?
Sasha: Well as I grew, my passions changed and I decided to take a different path in life, I honestly don’t regret my time on TV at all and I don’t regret leaving it all behind because I am happier in making the world a better place especially for the girls.


FabMc: Tell me how was it like working on TV?
Sasha: It was fun, transitioning and of course had a lot to learn and be tested as a teenager in the spotlight. I enjoyed the moment while it lasted.

FabMc: What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?
Sasha: Some people tend to think you are from a different planet or an angel sent from heaven with everything in life, they tend to think they know you more than you know yourself. This judgmental part is very hard to deal with even when you give things a blind eye and deaf ear,some things will find their way to your heart and hit you hard.

FabMc: How is your normal day like?
Sasha: Now that we are in these hard corona times, my schedule has completely been turned upside down. So on a normal day, I wake up drink a glass of water, do some meditation for about 30 mins, have breakfast and do home office for 6 hours then ride around, read a book or update my Sash Hair website. In the late evening, I always catch up on a TV series, previously I was watching Dynasty and now am on Queen of the south.


FabMc: What do you do nowadays?
Sasha: Same work just that now I do home office.


FabMc: As far as I know you’re not in the Country at the moment right? Where did the lock down find you?
Sasha: It found me in Germany.

FabMc: Tell me the experience of being caught off guard?
Sasha: It’s not friendly at all especially if caught in Europe for months unplanned.


FabMc: At your tender age, you are living a Beyonce lifestyle, how do you make it?
Sasha: God’s favor. I know what it means to have nothing in life, I have been there so working hard while at the back of my mind I don’t forget where I come from has helped me not to take every bit of success in my life for granted …But I do live pretty simply, I’m not allover the place.


FabMc: Let’s now talk about Canary Mugume, what makes him different from all these other news anchors?
Sasha: He is unique and gifted, I believe we all see that.

FabMc: Your relationship with him has been on and off, how have you managed?
Sasha: Point of correction, it has never been on and off. We always communicate and that’s key in a relationship.


FabMc: Don’t you have fears one day; he might want to try a different relationship? Or ain’t you afraid of Kampala men eaters eying your man?
Sasha: The problem with fear is it’s an unreliable master, its power is only relative to proximity so no, I don’t have those fears rather instead I have trust in God to continue protecting him in the right direction as it has been, most women put their trust in men, this is not right God for your man. And lastly my man is not for Kampala Slay Queens.

FabMc: Ever been in love with two people at the same time?
Sasha: No, haven’t been there. By the time you fall in love with a second person while you have the first, then you never truly loved the first so you go with the second one.


FabMc: Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation.

Sasha: I am a person who takes time to process things, its so hard to create war with me, in 2018 I was part of an exchange program where I had to stay with two ladies from different countries, one from Zambia and another from Madagascar but I never knew someone could have such a mean attitude like the one I experienced with the Malagasy lady, one day she left the gas cooker on and we woke up to a smell of gas when she had left. I was not really bitter but sad for a person to have this kind of nature. So I keep quite in most case if I talk to the person and she doesn’t listen.

FabMc: What is your favorite daily attire and dish?
Sasha: I’m a shorts and t-shirt person and anything with a touch of rose pink. Hahaha, favorite dish …I’m a shrimps person with mashed potatoes.


FabMc: If you had a chance of slapping any politician in the face really hard in Uganda who would that be and why?
Sasha: Hahaha, this field of politics is not really mine but I think at the moment I would slap Mr Kaguta himself for keeping us Ugandans out of our own country for so long without even any plan for our survival, my heart is with Ugandans suffering at the moment in the diaspora and some might die of hunger instead of Covid 19. This period has shaken governments and ours is proving how weak it is. A government that can’t take care of its people is not a government.

FabMc: Before I let you go tell me something weird about you that people don’t know.
Sasha: Hahahahahaa, something weird …uhmmm, let me think. I’m a loner physically. I enjoy my own company the most but because I associate with people so much, they can never know.


FabMc: We are so grateful for your time; please give us a final message to our readers and your fans as well

Sasha: Don’t make sin make you obey its passion. Do the right thing even when no one is watching, it’s very important on the road of success and it also costs you nothing to always be kind otherwise you can visit my hair collection in Kabalagala and get yourself some human hair and skin products. You must glow regardless of the covid situation.

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