SASSI! Reasons You shouldn’t beg Your partner for love in this New Year

There is nothing more painful than the fact the person you love wholeheartedly, doesn’t love you back or reciprocate your feelings. But what’s worse is when you have to beg your partner to stay in the relationship.

You may promise them that you will do things as per their whims and fancy, never complain about anything or even apologize when it is not your fault; but trust us this means losing your dignity and nothing else in a relationship.

There are numerous other reasons that can help you to know why is it foolish to beg someone to stay in the relationship. Scroll down to continue reading and know more!

You lose your self-respect

Begging someone who doesn’t want to share their life with you, is just like throwing away your self-respect. Since you will agree to change yourself and do whatever it takes to please your partner, you will eventually lose your self-worth. You won’t be the same person. Your partner may consider you worthless and treat you accordingly.

Your relationship hits a dead end

Understand that your relationship has already hit a dead end when you beg someone to stay in the relationship. Even if you succeed in saving your relationship, it doesn’t remain the same anymore. You may not receive love and respect from your partner like before. At times, you may feel that your partner is just doing a favour on you by staying with you. Moreover, it will be only you who will put effort and invest time and emotions in the relationship.

Your partner takes you for granted

Once your partner comes to know that you will do anything to save the relationship, he or she may take you for granted. Your partner will hardly care about your likes and dislikes. He or she may not consider any one of your advice and opinions because of making a decision. In fact, your partner may not share his or her plans, problems or thoughts with you.

You may go through sufferings

Since you have compelled your partner to stay in the relationship and are ready to make any sacrifices there is a high chance that you may go through a series of sufferings. By begging your partner to stay in the relationship, you are literally allowing him or her to treat you in a bad way. He or she may not respect your emotions and efforts. As a result, you may go through stress and restlessness.

Your partner may behave rudely with you

In a situation where you have begged your partner to stay in the relationship, your partner may turn out to be quite rude. He or she may not care about your feelings and give you a cold shoulder. Also, no matter what you do, he or she may get irritated easily as your partner no longer wants you. But since you are the one who is still holding the relationship from falling apart, your partner feels frustrated and irritated at you.

You will find yourself helpless

You may find yourself helpless in your relationship as you have already lost your worth in your partner’s life. Since you are not willing to leave your partner, he or she may treat you in a bad way and thus, you may find yourself helpless, even if you try your best to revive the love and bonding between both of you, things may take a wrong turn.

Your relationship becomes toxic

Eventually, you will find that your relationship has become toxic as your partner is rarely focusing on positive things. Since your partner is not at all willing to stay in the relationship, is taking you for granted, your relationship can become toxic. Rather than trying to rekindle love, your partner may control you and threaten to leave you if anything goes wrong. So it is better that you avoid begging him or her to stay in the relationship.

They Don’t Appreciate You

If you have to beg, it’s a clear sign they don’t appreciate you, which means they don’t deserve you. You shouldn’t waste time praying for the love of someone who doesn’t deserve it. Eventually, someone who does appreciate you will come along and treat you the way you deserve to be.

Since your happiness is essential, you should never have to beg someone to treat you well. Instead, save your energy for someone who will never have to be asked twice to show you affection.

Begging Won’t Make Your Partner Love You

You cannot force someone to love you, and no amount of begging will change their mind. Just like with you, you can’t force an emotion to be happy. So, if this person doesn’t care to give you love, attention, or affection now, they’ll likely never care to.

It Extends Your Recovery Time

If your partner isn’t all-in, you’re going to feel sad and lonely often throughout the relationship. Eventually, the relationship will end one way or another. So, you shouldn’t spend your time being upset about the way you feel in your relationship.

You already feel bad that they aren’t giving you love and affection, so you might as well end it instead. The pain will occur in both instances, but do not force this relationship to work. Instead, move on. You will get through the hurt more quickly. By dragging the connection on any longer, you’ll only be pushing back your healing timeline.

It Can Stop You from Meeting the Right Person

When you are putting your energy into someone who doesn’t love you, you could be missing out on something better. There is, indeed, someone special out there who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. Do not let the right one pass you by because you are trying to gain the affection of someone who doesn’t want it.

If you stay in a poor relationship with someone you have to beg, the right person won’t be an option. Don’t put yourself in this position because you deserve true happiness and love someday.

It Can Cause Your Self-Worth to Diminish

Your self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence will all take a massive hit if you beg for love from your partner. It’s demeaning to you, as well, and will make you feel like you are unworthy. You have to remember that you are worthy and that it is your partner’s loss.

A relationship should only make you want to be better, and it should make you happy more often than sad. It should boost your feelings of confidence and make you feel secure about who you are. It should never cause your self-worth to be diminished.

You are Perfect for Someone Else

Even though no one is perfect, you are perfect for someone. Remember this and remind yourself that if you have to beg your partner for love, you aren’t ideal for them. Don’t waste the fantastic things you have to offer on someone who doesn’t see how special you are.

Someone will want to be there for all you have to offer and for your flaws. They will love your imperfections just as much as they love everything else about you. Wait for that person who will accept everything about you and love you just the same, it’s worth it.

It Gives Your Partner the Upper Hand

When you beg for love, it makes the other person feel like they are above you. If the relationship continues after you beg, their treatment of you will only be worse because of it. The connection will never be equal, and you will always feel like something is missing.

They may use the begging against you and make it sound like they did you a favor. Or, the person could even use your plea as a tool to hurt you further by creating a joke out of it. Don’t make it even easier on your partner to hurt you.

Even worse, they may use it as an opportunity to use you. They would see that you are willing to do anything to gain their love. This scenario could lead to them, making you do things you aren’t comfortable with or that make you unhappy.

You Shouldn’t Have to Prove Your Worth

If your partner doesn’t see your worth, they don’t deserve your time or energy. You are worthy of someone who wants to spend time with you and who loves you. When that special someone wants to be with you and values who you are, they will make every effort to be there.

Instead of feeling so badly in your relationship, it’s better to wait it out until someone amazing comes along. This will help your self-esteem and confidence, and it will give you the chance to meet new people.

What to Do to Avoid Feeling You Must Beg for Your Partner’s Love

If your partner doesn’t answer your phone calls, stop calling them. Plus, if they are never the ones to call first, stop being the one to connect. Either they will notice that your presence is missing, or you will realize that you deserve better. As your calls go unanswered, you will only feel worse, so avoid it, and it will help you move on.

Don’t wait for your partner, either. If you’re not positive, they’ll come through for plans or to talk. Please do what you want to do and make plans as you feel like it. If they wanted to spend time with you, they would have set up schedules or let you know they wanted to.

Take this time to realize that you will find someone who values you and cherishes your time spent together. You shouldn’t beg for love, because then you’ll never know what real love is like. Someone else will cherish you the way you are looking for.

Finally, learn to love yourself. If you can truly love yourself, you won’t feel like you have to beg for love from anyone. You will know your value and know that you deserve more than you are receiving. Loving yourself will help you wait for the right person to come along, and you’ll be available when they do.

Final Thoughts on Reasons Why Nobody Should Beg for Love from Their Partner

If you feel like you must beg for love for your partner, you have to do what is best for you. Remember to value yourself and give your time to those who willingly give their time, too. Instead, fill your life with people who love you and make you feel happy.

You deserve to be happy and to have everything you ever wanted in a relationship. If you beg for love, you aren’t getting what you wanted and what you deserve.

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