Scared Kayihura Tightens Personal Security After Kaweesi Murder


Scared Kayihura Tightens Personal Security After Kaweesi Murder

The IGP Kale Kayuhira has more than doubled his bodyguards and has ordered all of them to wear kevlar and steel plated body armor jackets.

This comes in the wake of the brutal murder of AIGP Felix Kaweesi who was gunned down when assailants attacked his car outside his home in Kulambiro and shot dead everyone inside the vehicle including Kaweesi.

The police announced that morticians removed 33 bullets from Kaweesi’s bodyguard Kenneth Erau. That count doesn’t not account for the bullets that hit his body and exited.

Kaweesi’s body according to sources was so badly injured part of the head had to be reconstructed by morticians. It was reported that the shooting lasted over 1o minutes and most of the bullets were aimed not at the car but at the occupants of the car. Three of the tires of the car were not hit by bullets.

As a concern Kawessi’s boss Kayihura now has visibly a larger contingent of body guards, all decked out in black uniforms and with the steel plated body armor clearly visible. There are reports that he now only uses his armored Toyota land cruiser VX.

Several suspects have been arrested in the Kaweesi murder investigation.

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