Schools to reopen as President Magufuli approves inbound flights to Tanzania, bans quarantine for tourists

Former President of Tanzania, Late John Joseph Pombe Magufuli. (AGENCIES PHOTO)

President of Tanzania, John Joseph Pombe Magufuli. (AGENCIES PHOTO)

AGENCIES | Dar es Salam – Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has, on Sunday, revealed plans to reopen schools and allow sporting activities to resume in the next week.

President Magufuli affirmed that Covid-19 infections in Tanzania has greatly fallen.

Addressing a Sunday service, Magufuli read out a list of quarantine and isolation facilities where most of the patients had been discharged, noting that God had ‘answered Tanzania’s prayers.’

Some of the hospitals he cited included Amana in Dar es Salaam which he said had 198 patients and is now only left with 12 only.

He stated that Mloganzira which had 30 patients currently has only six cases, adding that Luranzi centre in Kibaa had discharged 28 patients of out of the 50 it had admitted.

Kama wiki hii tunayoianza kesho itaendelea hivi, nimepanga kufungua vyuo ili wanafunzi wetu waendelee. Lakini nimepanga pia sisi kama taifa kuruhusu michezo iendelee kwa sababu michezo ni sehemu moja ya burudani kwa watanzania,” said President Magufuli.

“As we start this forthcoming week, I plan to open colleges so that our students can continue with their studies. But as a nation, I intend to permit sports activities to resume because Sports is one of the most entertaining activities for Tanzanians –

President Maguful (addressing a service on Sunday May 17)

He went further to announce that a number of airlines in the country had made full bookings until August for tourists waiting to travel to Tanzania, adding that he had instructed his Ministers to allow the flights into the country.

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