Security bosses clash over enforcement of Gov’t Directives on COVID-19 in Kabale

Kabala DPC Brian Ampaire (Courtesy PHOTO)

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Kabale RDC Nandinda Darious

Kabale – Darious Nandinda the Kabale RDC and chairperson of the district Coronovirus task force has clashed with security chiefs over failing to failure to implement presidential directives.

Nandinda who is also the head of the security committee of the district clashed with Brian Ampaire the district police commander and Lt.Col. Robert Nahamya as he was accusing the two as they have failed to implement presidential directives on a curfew as there is continuously disobeyed orders and that security had remained adamant over the matter.

He said this during weekly Kabale District Task Force at National Teachers College Kabale Main Hall.


Nandinda disclosed that with all other players in the fight against COVID-19, there was a lot of laxity in the security where he accused the DPC Brian Ampaire and Lt Col. Nahamya for failing to implement the directives.

Kabala DPC Brian Ampaire (Courtesy PHOTO)

“People are moving freely in town even when it’s time for curfew and that bars are opening again and UPDF have failed also to implement the directive on managing the porous borders with many Rwandans crossing into Uganda on various porous borders.

“Mr.DPC and the UPDF commander, we are doing badly on the curfew. By 7 pm people are still moving in town When we had started, people were observing the curfew but now that have neglected.”

“Last night I moved from Lake Bunyonyi people were moving at night and were very drunk. Where do they drink from? All bars along Lake Bunyonyi were open And it’s not only on Lake Bunyonyi elsewhere bars are working,” Nandinda said.

He said this on Friday during the weekly kabale district Coronovirus task force meeting at kabale national teachers college.

ASP Brian Ampaire the Kabale District Police Commander ASP hit back claiming the police force had only one vehicle to move around the whole of Kabale district to enforce the curfew.

Ampeire requested for an additional support of more vehicles and fuel for that matter.

Lt.Col. Robert Nahamya the commander of the 19th Battalion in Kabale said that as the UPDF they have done all what they can as they have intercepted many Rwandese and taken them back to rwanda but they continued to infiltrate into the country, in search for food.

“It is a matter of life and death there. They [Rwandans] will dare cross to Uganda in search for food, because they can’t die there yet they have relatives But the UPDF has done its best, it has sent thousands of them back to their country after being intercepted entering Uganda.” Lt.Col. Nahamya said.

Uganda has so far recorded 203 cases of covid-19.

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