He is not Special! Security Minister Gen Tumwiine ‘Stings’ Bobi Wine on His Arrest, City Riots

Security Minister, Gen Elly Tumwiine and NUP Presidential candidate, Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi

Kampala – Uganda’s Security Minister, Gen Elly Tumwine has said nobody is exempted from arrest and slamming Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) thatw he is neither the first Presidential candidate to be arrested nor is he the last.

“One person’s arrest doesn’t justify the deaths of innocent people, vandalizing of property and causing chaos in the city,”Gen. Tumwiine said.

“The best way to avoid being arrested is to avoid criminality. If you are a boxer and you go in the ring and they beat you hard, do you complain?” the Minister told reporters on Friday November 20.

He added: “We are aware some people have been training and misleading young people on how to attack Police. Get out of that because whoever is training you on this is putting your life at great risk”.

“I heard someone say they are stronger and have more numbers than the Police. The peace-loving Ugandans are the majority. Those who want to disrupt are very few and therefore can’t sustain it,” Gen. Tumwiine sternly said.

The Minister warned Ugandans against supporting elements who are advancing foreign interests, saying this will only serve the interests of these foreign powers and turn Uganda into Libya.

“We have evidence that most of these people are agents of foreign forces who want to destabilize African counties for their own interests. For someone who is contesting to lead Uganda, are you admiring what has happened in Libya and other countries? What a shame,” Tumwine said.

“How come refugees are coming to Uganda from all the other countries and not viceversa? We have been receiving refugees from that hard won peace that we must preserve”.

We shall change tactics according to the situation. We have moved from the teargas to the batons. In 2 hours, the town was clean because it was direct to the culprits”.

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