Sejusa Has Serious Cases To Answer— M7

Renegade General David Sejusa

President Yoweri Museveni on Friday last week spoke out on the jailed former coordinator of intelligence services Gen. David Sejusa saying the bush war hero has more serious cases for answer.

General David Sejusa
General David Sejusa

In fact, a furious Museveni said that he would peruse through the charge sheet to see whether all the serious cases against the maverick general have been included or not.

“I don’t know his charges but certainly, there are many serious offenses against him. I will have to read through the charge sheet,” tough talking Museveni said during a press conference at Rwakitura.

The president had summoned the scribes to address them on matters relating to his campaigns after having completed his rallies in greater Masaka region.

The president denied being behind Sejusa’s arrest insisting that Sejusa was netted by the laws he broke.

“Nobody in Uganda has powers to order for the arrest of anyone. The arrest is made by the laws you break. Even me, I cannot order for the arrest of someone,” he said.

Museveni added that Sejusa’s continued retention in the army is not on his orders.

He however, said that first of all, Sejusa cannot be released to the public because he is undisciplined.

“It is not me but it is the retirement board of the army. In any case, if you are a trouble maker, why should the army off load someone who is a trouble maker to go to the public? That is total impunity. Offloading a trouble maker to the public? It is not correct to offload someone who has already shown bad conduct in the army to the public” he said.


Meanwhile, Museveni said that whoever wants to disrupt elections is headed for trouble.

He said that no one is going to shake Uganda.

The president’s warning came after scribes tasked him to assure the masses about on-going fears among people that the elections are going to be bloody.

“No one can shake Uganda. Those [opponents] hypocrites and liars know that they have already lost. What they want is to cause fear among people so that they don’t go to vote. They want people to remain in-doors. They can talk and talk but on war, don’t fear anything. Like Sejusa, he made himself everything but when I saw he had gone overboard, where is he now?” he said. Museveni added that Sejusa is the one who led himself to jail.


The president was happy with the people of greater Masaka for what he called good mobilization for his rallies.

Museveni left a strong message to his mobilizers. He said that the votes are in three places.

One place is that of villages. He tasked his people to conduct village based house to house mobilization instead of holding meetings in trading centers.

The other place he said are full of votes are schools especially when they are open.

He said that some schools like that of Masaka SS has a population of 4000 students yet some of them are ripe for voting.

“You must ensure that we have people in all schools to mobilize teachers, support staff and students” he advised.

Another area of votes Museveni is targeting factories and estates.

For example in Kyenjojo, on every 100 acres of tea, there are 300 workers working on them.

He said this is a big number of voters. Museveni didn’t stop at that.

He added that in some hotels like Hilton hotel, there are sizeable numbers of voters.

He said that in Hilton alone, it is going to employ about 2000 people.

Museveni hopes that if the party puts a mobiliser in such hotels, this will generate more votes for him because whoever goes there, needs to be given the NRM gospel.

The president said that he had also dispatched a team of three people from every district to go down in villages with a special message from him.

Museveni on that team of three people has put the NRM district chairperson, the chairperson of NRM women’s league at district and that of youth.

This team is supposed to hold village meetings with people, make attendance lists and their phone numbers.

“The phone numbers help us to have a direct contact with those people. I am happy to note that already, these meetings have been done here. We know who are our people and those who still have question marks. I am told there are those who are deceiving themselves that they can disrupt our peace. They cannot do it. It is only a stupid dog that barks at an elephant,” Museveni said.

He warned his opponents against engaging in violence. He also warned his SFC handlers against mishandling his people at rallies.

“These boys [SFC] here must be careful. My people have come with happiness to attend my rallies and you push them away? You boys, the kingdom of God is about to arrive,” he said.

The president said that the government is going to work on several roads in the region.

He added that he wants 6million homesteads to own an acre of coffee, tea or fruits depending on the region.

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