Sheebah, Pallaso Get Cozy On Stage

Sheebah and Pallaso on stage in Mbarara

As it has always been said that actions speak louder than words, Last weekend Team No Sleep members had music tour to western Uganda and that  Sheebah, Pallaso Chemistry equation was well balanced as they performed together on stage.

Sheebah and Pallaso on stage in Mbarara
Sheebah and Pallaso on stage in Mbarara

Sources in Mbarara have revealed that Instead of singing for fans, Sheebah and Pallaso got busy by touching, caressing and Rub dubbing each other.

“It’s as if they were dancing squeeze because it was a Zero distance,” said one of the revealers who was at the concert.


Red Pepper online has also learnt that while in Mbarara, the two shared a room that night.

Sheebah and Pallaso have been rumoured to be intimate but with what happened in Mbarara, we can conclusively confirm that the two are in love and they have decided to go public about it.


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