Shock as Man who Served KCC For 17Years Finds 200k Pension

KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi

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Moses Waidha is a former employee of the defunct Kampala City Council-KCC. Waidha was hired by KCC in 1990 as an established staff and worked until 2011 when it was elevated into Kampala Capital City Authority. According to Waidha, he served under KCCA for 17 month before he retired.

Following the termination of his employment, Waidha went to process his pension but was shocked to find only 200,000 shillings. Waidha argues that when he joined KCC his basic pay was 7000 shillings but it went up gradually. He claims that each month a specific sum of money was deducted from his salary for his pension.

Waidha claims that there were irregularities in records of the money collected and the total amount that was remitted to the pension scheme.


According to Waidha, before the introduction of salary schemes based on employment categories, deductions on salaries were collected by KCC, and remitted to the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).
Peter Kaujju, the KCCA Supervisor for Communications and Media Relations explains that the defunct KCC had three categories for workers pension remittances.

He says that employees who were under the U8 and SSS salary scales, contributed to NSSF, while the established employees like Waidha remitted their money to National Insurance Corporation-NIC.  Kaujju told Redpepper Online  in an interview that there have been several correspondences with former KCC and KCCA workers on their pending pension, but the matter can only be sorted out by the pension institutions.

While responding to the matter, NSSF Head of Marketing and Communications Olive Lumunya said that there is a distinction between public servants who contributed to the Government scheme and employees on contractual or private basis who contributed to NSSF. She says that available at NSSF do not support KCC workers who were under public service, but only cover those who served on contract. It is not yet clear how many former KCC workers are affected by this anormaly.

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