SHUT UP! Uganda Airlines cash bonanza saga deepens as CEO Bamuturaki tells off board members

UA boss Bamuturaki who is in hot soup

UA boss Bamuturaki who is in hot soup

Uganda airlines chief executive officer Jennifer Bamuturaki Rakani has told off board members confiding in close confidants that she knows many of them want her out but they won’t succeed.

Sources say Bamuturaki has spoken to some people bragging that she knows its the miserable board members who are working with disgruntled airline managers to try and bring her down but they will die in their movie.

In the latest saga, Bamuturaki has allegedly defined her enemies from within the airline and these include Finance and Administration manager Paul Turyakyenga, and Company Secretary Kyomuhendo Bisereko who deals with the board on a daily basis and directly because he is also the board secretary.

Bamuturaki’s lapdogs are busy bragging that she is untouchable because at State House she is favored like the president’s daughter placing her in the leagues of Diana, Natasha and Patience. Mbu she is a presidential appointee who can only answer to Mzee or State House and not the board members. They also talk of her being a daughter of the resistance.

Some of the officials Bamuturaki hates are saying they are not going to be intimidated but fight with her openly and head on if she doesn’t begin to treat them with respect.

The board members have recently been studying the dossier staff members presented against Bamuturaki who is prepared to fight people she thinks are questioning the Ugx150,000,000 that was given to facilitate bloggers of INJODA without following proper procurement procedures.

The bloggers saga is becoming a waterloo for Uganda airlines because the money never reached some of the bloggers. Those who didn’t get their share on the Shs150,000,000 contract want to meet the airline top management to harmonize the information the brokers have been giving them saying they have never been paid by Bamuturaki yet they have been publishing ‘paid for content’ about Uganda airline since Bamuturaki became the company boss.


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