Singer Bebe Cool in ‘Save a Buddy’ drive For Angume

Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool

Gagamel boss Moses Sali a.k.a Bebe Cool has appealed to all artistes to come out and support ailing singer, Martin Angume who is currently bed ridden at Mulago Hospital. He is one artiste who has been pronounced dead on several occasions but like a star, Martin is still doing fine.

Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool

Self proclaimed Big Size’s appeal has seen several artistes putting resources together to help Martin Angume fly to India for more specialized treatment.

“This is a special request to the following Ugandan Musicians, Jose Chameleone, DJ Bobi Wine, Mesach Semakula, Ronald Mayinja, G. Lutaaya, Iryn Namubiru, Juliana, Steve Jean, Kawesa.”

 Bebe Cool concludes that: “Let’s contribute Shs 500,000/- for our fellow musician Martin Angume for treatment coz you never know who comes next. Show some love to a brother and even those that I did not mention are free to do so.”

The cocodiosis singer reluctantly added Goodlyfe boys to the list because he is aware of the fact that the duo were paid 150m for their Obudde album launch by Kibo Media and from that, Martin Angume can be bailed out.

Bebe Cool was so particular with the names he mentioned. Either they have been appearing in the local tabloids being ranked as the richest with their mansions, rides, hotels and so on all over the papers.


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6 thoughts on “Singer Bebe Cool in ‘Save a Buddy’ drive For Angume

  1. BUT Rose whether publicity or not he’s taken the initiative, give him credit for that, wondering why you people have such a negative attitude

    1. i got no negative attitude but how much has he contributed. he should lead by example and so many artists have collected money without calling the media to take their pictures.

  2. This is not the first time Bebe cool has come out to help the poor and the suffering! lets just support his cause than coming out with negative ideas this is about saving life come on guys

  3. i think this is just over due. if they feel it is too much to ask, then let them organise a fundraising concert where they can even auction simple things like someone sharing a stage with a star. this would raise more than enough. otherwise, thanks for the love

  4. our difference should not let life go,come on celebs,we shall make a fun when he survives
    from that endanger life.Jose,Bobe wine coco finger,Rabadeba,Navio,Judith Babirya gospel singer,Wilson Bugambe,goodlifye to mention but few,life has no spare,once he has gone never to come back. help please

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