Singer Martin Angume is Dead

RIP Angume Martin
RIP Angume Martin

As you read this, ‘Swicth’ singer Martin Angume is dead. Sources say that Angume has died at Mulago Hospital.Martin has been suffering from a strange disease for the last few months.

Earlier we informed you how Gagamel Boss Self proclaimed ‘Big Size’ was appealing to fellow Musicians to contribute some dime to fly Angume to India for further treatment, but the campaign was not successful since Artistes did not give in.

Martin Angume is known for his songs like ‘Guli mu Gear nene’, switch among others. A few days back, Kampala lost a prominent Disc Spinner DJ Momo which is a blow to Ugandan Music Industry.



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9 thoughts on “Singer Martin Angume is Dead


    Inna lillahi wa innaa ilayhi rajiuun. (That’s all i can say)

    Like i said we don’t control our time on earth neither can we resist death, but it’s that loss of a loved one that hurts, well-knowing that they can never be replaced, MARTIN ANGUME REST IN PEACE (bow)

  2. Well, Chameleon claimed to be swimming in riches. Ugandans should now ask him…how much did he contribute to a fund to help Angume? Ugandans should also remember, that they are dying from simple complications that wouldn’t need to be flown out of the country if the government had their interests in mind. Instead, the money is spent on things that don’t help a regular Ugandan like Angume. Now people, you know who to really blame this death on.

  3. The Bible tells us that for any one to see him must passed thru death.
    martin is a life not dead for those who believe in him.
    may his soul rest in eternal life.emen.

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